Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I'm Watching: Tia & Tamera

Another show I love watching on E! is Tia and Tamera. The show follows former "Sister, Sister" stars and identical twin sisters Tamera as she plans for her wedding and Tia as she goes through her first pregnancy. 

Ever since I became a wife and mother, I'm just a sucker for shows that have to do with marriage and motherhood. And this show combines both! What's funny is that since Tamera is planning her wedding, she expects Tia to be there for her to help with all the preparations. But since Tia is very much pregnant, she tends to forget or miss out on the important details. They end up fighting about it, but I totally get where each sister is coming from. Of course when you're pregnant, you sometimes just want to rest or sleep instead of going out or doing anything. But if you're also getting married, you would want your best friend to be there for you to support and lend you a hand. The sisters are spunky and each have their own distinct personalities which makes it fun to see them bond and clash. I already finished the first season but I still watch the replays whenever I catch it on E! 

Btw, I read online that Tamera is now pregnant, so it will be her turn in the 2nd season to deal with pregnancy issues. Can't wait to watch that when it airs here. =)

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