Monday, July 30, 2012

Under the weather

How was your weekend everyone? Between all the shopping sales, the Olympics, the Rob-Kristen cheating scandal, and now the non-stop rains AND even the brown-out last night, mine was certainly an eventful one!

We're all feeling a little bit under the weather now so to speak. I even brought the kids to their pedia last Saturday because Sabe was extremely constipated, had colds and a slight fever. He wasn't able to get his scheduled shot since he was sick, but poor Miley did!

Miley proudly wearing her injection band-aid. She didn't take it off until we got home.

Going the pedia used to be easy when the kids were smaller and they don't really know what's going on yet. But now, OMG! Both kids refuse to have their weight and height taken, as well as have their other body parts checked, so we have to hold them down which they hate even more. There's always a lot of kicking and definitely a whole lot of screaming and crying (which I'm pretty sure the whole floor can hear!). Actually, whenever they get their shots, they cry more because of the holding down part, not because of the actual injection. The poor kids after us look terrified once were done haha!

With this weather, we're definitely staying indoors and I'm hoping we all get well soon. =)

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