Thursday, July 27, 2017

DaVinciBricks LEGO Lab

My kids love Lego so it was a treat for them to go to a DaVinciBricks LEGO Lab last July 16. It was held at McDonald's here in BF Homes so it was double the fun for them too.

DaVinciBricks is an award-winning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) children’s enrichment program from the US. It uses motorized Lego and K'nex kits and turns children’s STEM education into a work of art! 

They offer different programs here in Manila and aim to introduce the value of STEM education to children as early as 4 years old.

My kids were super excited to learn all about building these models. The best part is that these models move, just like robots!

After a short talk where the kids were introduced to the concepts and how to follow the instructions, they were all given their own individual kits.

My kids have no problem building Legos, and it wasn't long before they got the groove of things. They had to build a motorized car and it was so cool seeing the pieces come to life.

Here were some other models like a windmill and a helicopter.

My kids had so much fun and actually want to enroll in the program. I think it's an enriching experience which could really improve their creativity and curiosity. If you're interested too, you can check out their contact information below.

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