Tuesday, August 8, 2017

IKEA Raskog Cart look-alike

I've been meaning to buy this IKEA Raskog Trolley for the longest time. It comes in a variety of colors like white, black, turquoise, beige, and rust.

The cheapest one I saw online from an Instagram seller was I think P2,800. However, I was in SM Southmall last weekend and saw this look-alike in the department store for P2,500. Since it was their 3-day sale, I got it at 10% off plus an additional 5% rebate. So it came to about P2,100. Not bad since the price in IKEA Singapore is $59 which is roughly the same when converted.

It only comes in white and black though, so I think I still might buy the turquoise one from IKEA eventually. But super happy with this one for now. It was also really easy to assemble by just screwing everything together.

If you notice, the IKEA version doesn't have the handles on top unlike the one from SM. I personally like the handles because it makes it easier to move it around.

Well, surprise surprise, my daughter ended up wanting the cart for herself. It was so funny since the next time I saw it, she had already put stickers and her stuff in it already! ;p

Can I just say how cute this Hello Kitty tea set from the McDonald's Happy Meal is? My daughter wheels the cart everywhere and says it's like the serving trolley from the airplane. And then she asks us what we want to drink and then pretends to serve us! ;p

Here's some of her coloring materials...

Then at the bottom is all her magazines and more stuff.

I really love how versatile this cart is. You can also use it to organize your kitchen or bathroom stuff, for your make-up, as a baby diaper station, a bar cart, and so much more. Definitely getting more of these!

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  1. I purchased a Ikea look alike on Lazada.com in Dec 2017 for P1881.



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