Monday, July 10, 2017

CHEERS: Making Every Day Special

If you’re someone who loves having people over or just simply having simple celebrations at home, one thing that’s always present in the table aside from food is… paper towels and napkins! I for one always have a huge supply of tissues at home. It’s always present in the grocery list since it’s just something we use everyday.

I’m sure you’ve come across the Cheers brand in the supermarket with its colorful and fun design. I’ve personally been a Cheers user for many years now. Did you know that this product is made of 100% Virgin Pulp and has no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine which makes it truly hygienic?

What I also love about this brand is that it comes in many different configurations which makes it perfect for everyday use and special occasions.

Jumbo Kitchen Towels
I use the jumbo kitchen towels to wipe surfaces, to drain excess oil from food, to dry dishes and my hands. It’s also perfect for cleaning up after a party, or when my kids spill their drinks on the table or floor.

Pull Napkins 
When the kids are eating or doing art activities, I just plop this in the middle of the table so they can just wipe when needed.

Paper Towels
I use this the same way as the jumbo towel roll, but what I like about this is that you just pull the paper out which makes it very convenient and practical. I also usually leave this out on the buffet table so guests can just get as needed.

Folded Party Napkins
I love using these table napkins when we have guests, especially since it has cute designs. It also comes in a refillable cardboard dispenser which makes it perfect for parties.

Flat Napkins 
These big napkins are great for wrapping sandwiches if you have a kiddie party, for leftovers, or for baon.

Cheers also has other party or get-together needs such as starch-based cutleries and trash bags to complete your celebration from start to finish.

With all these types of paper napkins and party needs, you can be sure to find something for any occasion. No matter the celebration, big or small, from a neighborhood birthday party to just an intimate family dinner, Cheers is there to be part of those moments and help make everyday special. :)

Please check out their FB Page for updates and product info.

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