Monday, July 17, 2017

Diary of a Wimpy Kid costume for Book Week

It's Book Week again at school and to celebrate, there will be a parade where the kids should dress up as their favorite book character. Last year, my daughter came as Little Red Riding Hood. This year, it was my son's turn and he actually came up with the idea of going as Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

It was funny because at first I was suggesting all these characters like Peter Pan or his old superhero costumes. But he insisted he wanted Diary of a Wimpy Kid since he and his sister have actually read the book and watched the movies. And when I thought about it, this was probably the easiest costume ever! It was just regular clothes which we already had in his closet - a white shirt, black shorts, white socks, black sneakers, and a black backpack. It was also going to be super comfortable for him since they had to wear the costume the whole day. Win-win for us!

I also printed out the character's comic face on cardboard paper so it would complete his look. The face in the book cover looks sad but my son said he wanted a smiling face haha :) I cut holes in the eyes so he could see while walking in the parade, and taped a big popsicle stick (which I colored black with a marker) on the bottom for him to hold. Plus, this could also be used as a fan when it gets hot lol! ;p

We have the actual book but I was worried it might get lost if he brought it. So what I did was just print the cover and taped it to another old book we had. You can do this too if you don't have the book and don't want to buy it.

And there you have it, a super easy Diary of a Wimpy Kid costume!

Here I am telling him to channel Greg Heffley...

And this is when I said to act "wimpy" lol! That face! ;p

Best part is that I didn't need to spend for this since we had everything on hand already. And my son absolutely loves his outfit! :)

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