Thursday, June 8, 2017

Another school year, another kid enters big school

I can't believe summer is officially over for us and it's now the start of another year in the big school. My son is entering Grade 1 while my daughter is now in Grade 2.

I still remember last year when my daughter entered big school. I was so nervous and stressed about it, just like any parent I'm sure. You can read all about it HERE, but basically I couldn't even sleep thinking about how she was going to find her classroom, what if she needed to go to the bathroom, dealing with bullies, and so on! It's like they've been so sheltered in preschool and now they're finally entering the real world lol! I went with her to school the first two days and it was so hard letting go! I really felt like crying after I brought her to her classroom!

I remember saying in my post how dramatic I was and hopefully I would be better the following year when it was my son's turn. Well, I guess it's true since all the anxious feelings were gone!

I guess it's because I already know what to expect. It also helps that my son is already familiar with the campus having gone with me to pick up his sister several times, plus attending school events. And having my daughter there to look out for her younger brother is very comforting. Although with their personalities, it just might be the other way around. You see my son is more of an extrovert and very outgoing. He has no trouble making new friends and speaking his mind, unlike my daughter who tends to be more shy.

Well, my son still insisted I also go with him the first two days of school just like I did with his Ate. And after trying to take a lot of pics when we got there, he got annoyed with me (just like his sister!) since he wanted to go to his classroom already! Haaaay they really grow up so fast :(

Anyway, now I have 2 kids to help with homework and review for exams! That's what I'm starting to get stressed about more lol! Oh, and did I mention I now have double the books and notebooks to label and cover with plastic? The joys of being a mom!

Well, think I'll be dramatic again when my youngest finally goes to big school since he's our baby! But thankfully that's a few years from now pa. :)

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