Monday, June 12, 2017

A day at Sta. Elena Fun Farm

One of my daughter's BFFs celebrated her birthday at Sta. Elena Fun Farm last month and I was really excited about it since I've never been here before! My daughter's field trip was actually held here 3 years ago but I had just given birth to my youngest that time, so it was hubby who accompanied her. They had such a great time and the pictures looked awesome, but we somehow never got around to planning a visit. So now, finally, we were able to go as a family (and for free lol!) ;p

The place is very easy to get to (we just used Waze for directions) since it's just an hour away from Manila. We didn't need to pay for anything since we were there as guests for the party, but I believe entrance fee is P300 per head (2 years old below is free). This is already inclusive of all the activities and amenities inside the venue.

This is the covered area where the party was held. It was all very simple with the hosts just serving food from McDonald's which the kids enjoyed. After eating, it was up to everyone to do their own thing.

The kids headed first to the animal feeding area with lots of cute rabbits and guinea pigs.

There was also a pond with lots of ducks and a small rowing boat. If you're feeling more adventurous (maybe next time for me ;p) you can also try to cross the pond on a rope. Just make sure you have extra clothes in case you fall in!

A big hit with the kids was fishing, even if they were all scared and disgusted with the worm bait. Luckily, someone will hook it up for you.

I wasn't even sure there were any fish, but then my two boys caught one each! The fish were really small though and they were thrown back in the water soon after.

There was also a sand house with a rope ladder, swings, and kiddie play stuff.

There were other activities too like a rope course, obstacle course, horseback riding (the mini pony was so cute!), and carabao pulled-cart riding which the whole family enjoyed.

Probably the most exciting activity though was the zip-line. I was so proud of all of my kids for doing it, especially my 3 year old boy!

Needless to say, we had a fantastic time! I love how this place is just a quick escape from the city, where kids can experience being close to animals and nature. The kids had so much fun just running around and exploring, which is a nice change from them tinkering with their iPads and watching TV.

Just some quick tips, you apparently need a reservation to come here so call or check out the contact details listed below when planning a visit.

Bring your own food and drinks since there's no restaurant inside.

Wear comfortable clothes and rubber shoes especially if you plan on doing the activities.

Bring change of clothes, sunscreen, a cap, mosquito repellant, and an umbrella. You can also bring swimsuits during the rainy season so the kids can play even in the rain.

There are bathrooms and also an outdoor shower, so you can also bring a towel and some toiletries if you want to give your kids a quick bath before heading home. I wish I'd known this since my kids were all so sweaty and dusty from running around and playing in the sand house!

Anyway, we really enjoyed our visit and we're definitely looking forward to coming back soon. :)

Operating Hours: 9am - 4pm. By appointment only.
MOBILE: +63920 9131349
LANDLINE: +632 775-7621 / 935-8954

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