Saturday, February 11, 2017

Miley turns 7!

Oh my, I'm getting all emotional since I can't believe our firstborn and only daughter is now 7 years old. How time flies...

Miley has grown up to be such an amazing kid. She's thoughtful, responsible, creative, smart, witty, funny... oh I could go on and on. At times I catch myself staring at her thinking how beautiful she is.

She has her tantrums and stubborn moments, and I definitely see myself in her. I brace myself for the time she becomes a teen since I know we'll have our disagreements (just like me with my own mom lol). ;p

My favorite moments with her are when I tuck her in bed at night and we just talk. It's during these times when we're alone that she opens up to me and tells me about how her day went. She also asks me random questions about life, some silly, some deep. It's so funny because she hates it when I get emotional and reminisce about when she was a baby and how big she is now. She'll be like "Mom, stop being so mushy! Can we just talk about funny stuff?" lol!

I'm also so proud of her for doing so well in school, consistently getting straight As and 1st honors. She was the representative of her class for a spelling bee contest and was also chosen as the most disciplined. I just pray that she is able to keep this up for the years to come.

Even before she was born, I had dreams of throwing a grand 7th birthday party for her. But times change, and for practical reasons we just chose to have a smaller celebration. We discussed it with her and she said what she really wanted was to have her own room. Well, wish granted! Can't wait to show you guys the finished room after we're done fixing it up. :)

Anyway, this is just a DIY shoot I did with her at home to commemorate her being 7 years old. I just love all the rainbow colors which is also the theme of her party (which I'll be posting about in the coming days).

So happiest 7th birthday to our favorite girl! You are the best daughter we could have ever hoped for and we love you to the moon and back!


  1. Wow, her own room! What a big milestone for the proud parents :)



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