Saturday, February 4, 2017

DIY Tie-Dye

My son had a 70's themed activity in school and I thought it would be fun for the kids to do their own tie-dyed shirts! I remember loving this activity when I was younger, plus tie-dye was all the rage back then right? I even had this bright tie-dye shirt I wore all the time when I was in grade school. ;p

Anyway, I just bought the packets of dye in National Bookstore for P5.00 each. I love how this is still the same exact brand I remember using back then. Throwback! ;p

I also bought plain white shirts in SM. Then I used rubber bands to tie the shirts into different patterns. You can search online or in Youtube for how to make different designs like spiral, stripes, rainbow, etc.

I tried reading the instructions on the packets but I was a bit confused. So I just boiled some water which I poured into some cups, and put the dye in. I also read somewhere that salt helps with the solution so I also put a little bit of iodized salt in the mixture. I didn't have any exact measurements or anything though.

And of course we did this outside since I knew it would be messy. Plus I placed some cardboard to protect the floor as well.

Then I just let my kids get to work! I had them use a spoon so it would be easier for them to apply the different colors on the shirt.

I also read online that after you have completed putting the dye on the shirt, place it in a zip lock bag and seal it up. Try to leave it for at least 24 hours to allow the colors to really bond with the fabric.

I was super excited to see what the shirts looked like the next day! I took the rubber bands out and just placed them under running cold water. I just continued to rinse until the water from the shirt ran clear.

Here's our finished shirts! They're not as vibrant as I would have hoped but I still love them since the kids and I worked on these. And this is a great activity for kids since it doesn't matter if they make a mistake or mix all the colors together. The result will still look good!

Here's my little man wearing his groovy outfit! Bought the headband from SM, the necklace from a tiangge, and the fringe vest on sale from H&M (girls section haha!). His blue printed leggings are also from the girls section in SM lol! ;p Peace out everyone!

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