Friday, November 4, 2016

Sem break in Singapore (plus a lot of travel firsts!)

Gosh is it really November already?! Ang bilis grabe! Anyway if you're following me on Instagram (@mrsmommyholic), then you know I just got back from a family vacation in Singapore. We spent the entire sem break there which was 2 whole weeks!

This was the longest trip we've ever taken with the kids so far and we definitely experienced a lot of firsts. Hubby already flew in a few days before us because of work, so it was my first time to fly alone with the kids. It was just Miley and Sabre, and believe me I would have loved to bring Skyler along as well, pero di talaga kaya ng powers ko lol! ;p

Packing was already a challenge since I wanted to bring as little as possible to fit just one luggage. Well, nagkasya naman lahat ng stuff but I also brought a stroller so my kids can take naps even when we're outside and I knew they would get tired from all the walking we would do. Then I just had a small carry-on luggage and a backpack.

Aside from the kids being super excited, then bored from waiting, then rushing me when they heard our flight was ready to board, they were pretty much ok to handle. The only issue was probably when they both wanted to sit beside me on the plane! But the seats we were in were 4 per row, so 2 by 2 ang arrangement. I had to do some bargaining so I sat with my son going to Singapore and then my daughter going back to Manila. Good thing we had the whole row to ourselves both ways so it was easier for the other child to sit alone.

on our way!
they didn't like the airplane food! 
we made it!
at Changi Airport

This was actually my kids' 3rd time in Singapore and we really love it here. I feel safe, it's clean, and there are so many kid-friendly places and activities the whole family can do.

We stayed in Ramada Hotel since that was where hubby was booked for work. It was super convenient since there was a small mall and grocery right below, as well as lots of restauarants in the vicinity. It also had a nice pool, plus a free shuttle to the nearest MRT station (Novena) and also to Orchard Road.

This was definitely the longest we've ever stayed in a hotel and my kids were in heaven! You know how we love staycations so being in a hotel for 2 whole weeks was such a treat for them. Ayaw na nga nila umalis sa room e lol!

This was also our first time to spend Halloween out of the country. I researched beforehand on where we could go and found an event in Paragon Mall at Orchard Road. They had so much fun since they got loot bags, candy, and even a $10 voucher each which they promptly spent at Toys R Us! Sulit!

Doctor Strange was also showing when we were there and hubby and I really wanted to watch it already. So it was the first time of the kids to watch a movie out of the country! My daughter obviously didn't want to but she had no choice haha. We watched in Shaw Theatres Lido in Orchard Road.

The movie theatre was really big! And the time on the ticket said 4:30pm, but actually that was the time they let us in the cinema, then there was about 10-15 minutes pa of previews! Super nagmadali pa kami lol. Oh, and may Chinese subtitles un movie haha! But after a while, you don't notice it anymore hehe. ;p

SG$ 8.50 per ticket

Well, the kids actually both got scared at some parts and wanted to leave!!! I had to plead and bargain so they would last the whole movie. Well, they did and they were even doing the fighting moves of the characters after haha! ;p

Hubby still had to stay for more work, so it was just me and the kids again flying back to Manila. I guess my biggest learning from this trip was better to take two luggages than just one. Knowing me, I didn't account for all our shopping! I almost couldn't fit everything in, so I had to ask both kids to use their new backpacks so they could bring the toys and books they bought. And the backpacks ended up being quite heavy so I still had to help them with those in the airport.

What was funny is when I checked-in our huge ass luggage, the weight was 31.2 kg. Then the guy at the counter tells me "Did you know that the maximum weight per luggage is 32 kg?" Well obviously I DIDN'T, but thank goodness I didn't go over the limit! Otherwise, I don't know how I would have opened our luggage (honestly, puputok na siya!) and taken out stuff. Kaloka!

Also, thank goodness for walkalators and airport trolleys! But you still have to discard of the trolleys when going through security checks. Let's just say I was never so happy to be inside the plane, sitting down with all our stuff in the overhead bin! So yes, better to check-in more luggages than have a lot of hand-carry when traveling with kids!

Good thing there were also staff at the airport back in Manila helping people get their luggage from the carousel. I really don't know how I would have lifted our bag haha!

back in Manila!

Bottomlime, I actually enjoy traveling with my kids despite the challenges haha! I kinda felt how it would be like if we lived in another country naks. Super sagad ang sem break but of course we missed our baby Skyler already! Thank God for Facetime, grandparents and our yayas who took care of him while we were away.

Anyway, I'll be blogging more about some of the places we went to in Singapore so stay tuned. :)


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