Monday, October 31, 2016

A Pokémon Halloween!

Since I spent all that effort making my son's Ash Ketchum costume, I figured why not make it a Pokémon-themed Halloween na lang right? So say hello to Ash, Poké Ball, and Pikachu! :)

If you haven't yet, you can read all about my DIY Ash Ketchum outfit HERE. Meanwhile, I got the Pikachu hat and shirt from the same online seller (HatahHatah) that I bought the Ash Ketchum cap. The smallest size they had for the shirt was a size14 (for 4-5 years old), so I just made it shorter so it wouldn't look so big.

For the Poké Ball outfit, the red hoodie is from Uniqlo paired with a white skirt. Then I just made 2 circles from black and white paper and stuck them on a black belt. I didn't even spend anything for this, since I had all the pieces needed already.

And for parents, I'm sure you can relate when I say how HARD it is to take a photo of ALL your kids together! All smiling and looking at the camera ha! They wouldn't stand still so I plopped their iPads in front of me. Yan tuloy, sa iba iba ang tingin lol! ;p

Anyway, hope you are enjoying the rest of your remaining sem break days before school starts again! Happy Halloween!!!

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