Friday, October 21, 2016

DIY Ash Ketchum Pokemon Costume

Halloween is fast approaching and when I asked my son what he wanted to be this year, he firmly said: Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. He and his dad love playing Pokémon Go until now and I can't believe he practically knows all the names of the different Pokémons and their evolutions!

Anyway, I googled images of Ash Ketchum and it looked easy to do. The main component was just the vest, which was pretty basic. First, I bought a plain blue shirt, which cost about P150 from any department store.

I already had an old white collared shirt, but you can also buy this easily if you don't have one lying around. I cut off the sleeves and collar like so:

I also cut the sleeves off the blue shirt and cut straight down the middle for the opening of the vest. Then I just attached the sleeves and collar using a basic running stitch.

I also hemmed the middle section for a neater look, but you really don't need to if you're in a rush. Maybe you can use fabric glue instead.

For the yellow trim, I just bought some ribbon which was an inch wide.

Then I just sewed this to the bottom part, as well as for the "pockets" of the vest. Again, you can use fabric glue for this if sewing is not your thing.

The buttons on the vest are also optional, but I wanted to make it look as close to the actual one as possible. I just got a small piece of cloth from the cut sleeves, made a rectangle shape, and cut out 2 circles from my yellow ribbon.

To make sure the edges of the ribbon don't fray, I placed some nail polish on the outer edge to seal it.

Then just sew them in place.

And here's the finished vest! So happy with how it turned out. :)

Ash Ketchum also wears green gloves, so I just looked for some green socks. These were 3 pairs for P120. You only need one pair though.

I then cut the socks above the part of the heel:

Turn it inside out and sew the open part. Again, I just hand sewed this using a basic running stitch.

Turn it right side out and make 4 small holes at the top and 1 hole at the side for the thumb.

I didn't cut out the holes too big, since when you let your child wear them, it will stretch out naturally.

Another important part is the hat and I found one from an online seller HatahHatah.

And of course, don't forget your Poké ball and Pikachu! We just bought these from a tiangge a long time ago already.

To complete the look, he just wore a black shirt, jeans, and rubber shoes. Say hello to Ash Ketchum! Needless to say, my son gave me his approval. :)

Hope this gives you Pokémon Go fans an idea for Halloween! :)



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