Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Halloween in Singapore

Since we spent sem break in Singapore, I researched beforehand on Halloween events we could go to while we were there. This was the first time the kids wouldn't be able to go to the annual trick or treat in our village, so I still wanted them to experience Halloween even if we were in another country.

Luckily, I found a free event at Paragon Mall in Orchard Road. I registered at once since you get a goody bag if you're one of the 1st 100 RSVPs. And good thing I also asked my hubby to register as well so we would get a loot bag for each kid (I didn't want them fighting over it right?).

Here were the goody bags they got. The plastic ones were full of candy and vouchers to different stores. And the trick or treating bags were so cute and well made!

Btw, my son's Ash Ketchum costume was a big hit. Everyone kept pointing to him and calling him Ash. ;p

And my daughter said she wanted to be a unicorn even though I said she should be Pikachu or a Pok√© Ball haha! I got the unicorn hat from HatahHatah online. Then her dress was something I found at Metro Department Store for less than P150. Then I just bought rainbow socks to complete the look.

Anyway, I usually avoid going to Halloween events in malls in Manila because I feel super sikip and daming tao! Even the trick or treating in some villages can get insane! There were a lot of kids as well here, but definitely not as much as I would think compared to Manila. And it was very organized, people were lined up properly, walang tulakan, etc. It was very relaxed and stress free honestly.

There were free face and body painting booths too. It took us 30 minutes to line up here, kasi one girl lang un assigned sa face paint! But it was ok since the kids were happy with the result.

we asked for a rainbow design since she was a unicorn
and my son wanted Pikachu of course!

There were also some mascots going around. Funny because some kids were saying "Hi Cookie Monster" to this guy haha!

After, we went around the different stores for trick or treat. If you've been to Paragon Mall, the stores on the 5th floor are all so nice and chic! Sarap mag shop kaso mahal lol! ;p And medyo konti sila magbigay ng candy, un ibang stores one each lang haha!

One of the freebies in their goody bag was a $10 voucher. Good thing there was a Toys R Us there in Paragon, so we spent it kaagad (obviously!).

OMG ang dami kong dala!

Anyway, it was definitely a great Halloween experience for us. It was so funny because both kids got sugar rush that night from eating their candy! Super hyper! As in they were singing at the top of their lungs "I'M CANDY RIIIIIICH!!!" Kaloka! ;p

So just a tip when traveling during the holidays, make sure to research on activities you can do while there. You'd be surprised to find lots of events, most are even free. :)

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