Saturday, November 12, 2016

Our Candylicious Christmas Tree

I finally got our Christmas tree up! Ever since we moved in our house last 2011, our tree has had the same decor of gold and purple balls and flowers. I still like it, but then last year I saw these candy decors in SM that were so cute! I didn't buy them then, but then after Christmas I saw they were on SALE! So of course I ended up buying haha. ;p

I almost forgot all about them since they've been in storage for months. But then finally we were able to decorate after we got back from Singapore. Here's how our tree looks like now:

Well, I kinda wish our tree was white since I think it will work better with the candy. And I need more decors and lights since I want the tree to look really full (un tipong hindi mo na makita un tree lol). But this will do for now since it's almost mid-November. I'll just be more prepared next year and have this baby up by October pa lang. Anyway, here's a closer look at the candy and sweets.

The only problem with these decors is that my 2 year old son can't stop picking the ice cream cones and donuts and then licking them haha! ;p

hey, snacks!

Here's the tree lighted up. I really can't get over how cute everything is!

Can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. Time to start wrapping presents!


  1. ang ganda!!! saka ok yung size nya, hindi maliit... how much sis per pack? and how many pcs per pack? ang ganda talaga!!!

    1. I saw some at SM pa sis! Around P100 per pack tapos usually 2 lang sila. So average P50 per ornament. Pero the smaller ones mas madami per pack. Go bili na! ;p

  2. ganda!! kakatakam ..!! yummy daw sabi ng anak ko .. ;)



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