Friday, November 18, 2016

Sunday lunch buffet at Cafe Juanita

Would you believe it's my first time here at Cafe Juanita? Well, for one thing Kapitolyo is kinda far from where we live. Usually, we would only venture north to Quezon City or Pasig for special occasions haha! And this time, it was my tita's birthday.

We went on a Sunday so traffic was fairly good. But then, finding parking was very difficult since of course there were a lot of people for lunch. Even double parking was filled up, but luckily the guard found us a space across the street.

Anyway, I had no idea about this place so I wasn't expecting anything at all. I was thinking it was just a regular restaurant... Well, let's just say I gasped when I entered the front door!

It was like stepping into another world with the overload of quirky, bizaare, interesting and unique decor everywhere you look. It was eclectic, charming, and magical all at once. Very bohemian chic! For some, it might be over the top or even scary, but I loved every single bit of it.

And oh, the chandeliers! So many types in all shapes and sizes!

And don't forget the floors too!

According to their Facebook page, "Proudly Filipino, naturally home-cooked, made contemporary. Cafe Juanita believes that the taste of home never gets out of style. While taking advantage of modern technology and novel ways of cooking and presenting food, Cafe Juanita keeps the essence and good taste of the dish. Cafe Juanita is best experienced than described. With its unique bohemic ambience, decor, warm unpretentious service and its delectable food, one understands why Cafe Juanita continues to delight guests for over two decades now."

all their awards are very impressive

Here are the rates for their Sunday lunch buffet:

Anyway, as they say, the food at Cafe Juanita is as close to Filipino Home cooking as you can get. And this is so true. Everything tasted really good and I just felt like it was my lola's cooking (but this is definitely not in lola's house haha). Comfort food at its finest.

fresh lumpia
dessert station
halo-halo (you put ice separately)
they also sell some food items

Basically, food was great and service was good. But personally, the real star of the show for me was the place itself. The interiors are something I would definitely come back for again and again.

#19 West Capitol Drive, Brgy Kapitolyo
Pasig, Philippines
632-0357 / 0922-877-9894

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