Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sky Ranch Tagaytay

We celebrated Skyler's actual birthday last month by going on a trip to Tagaytay. Hubby had work so it was just me, the kids and my in-laws. We started the day by going first to Nuvali because the kids just love feeding the fish there.

Then we had lunch at Conti's where Skyler had a birthday cake! :)

 Afterwards, we passed by the Pink Sisters Convent so Skyler could go to church.

Then finally, we were off to Sky Ranch. This was actually my first time to go here so I was quite excited to go with the kids. But kwento first. This was in early January, but it was quite hot in Manila that afternoon that I figured it would just be cool and breezy in Tagaytay. My mother-in-law even checked the weather there and it said 24 degrees. So I just dressed the kids in long-sleeves and just brought a jacket for Skyler at the last minute. OMG. When we got to Sky Ranch, the wind was so strong and it even started drizzling. It was FREEZING cold! We weren't prepared for the weather at all! My father-in-law was in shorts and my mother-in-law just had a sheer scarf that Miley kept wanting to wrap around herself (pero parang useless naman hehe). I seriously wanted to just stay inside a restaurant the whole time to keep warm but the kids were so excited to go around!

at the horseback riding area which is right by the entrance to Sky Ranch

Anyway, entrance is P100 per person but you have to pay separately for each ride inside the park.

The Sky Eye which I wanted to ride but the kids were afraid of. Maybe next time...
Other rides inside the park. Tickets at P50 each (except the Super Viking which is P100)

There were gazebos around where you can sit and rest. I went inside one to see if it would provide some sort of defense against the wind, but wala effect haha! After a while, I just brought Skyler inside a souvenir shop to keep warm for a bit.

nice view of Taal
ziplining for the brave souls
trampoline fun
The Sky Cruiser which is like riding a bike in air!

We rode a couple of rides like the carousel. We stayed in the 2nd floor which had a nice view of the place but it was so windy too! I swear, parang torture sa lamig. As in tagos sa buto no joke! This was even colder than when we went to Hong Kong last November. Anyway, I just decided to layer the kids' extra shirts for added warmth.

We also rode the Express Train (P50) which went around the whole park.

After, we headed to the Playzone to try out the inflatables.

The kids had so much fun here jumping around! Like I said, it was cold but after they played here, they were sweating buckets! Buti pa sila hehe. ;p

There was also a bazaar right across where they were selling food and souvenirs.

Skyler meanwhile had a blast in this grassy area! Buti na lang talaga I brought his jacket!

It drizzled again after a while and my mother-in-law decided to buy the kids bonnets. It was a cute souvenir of our day hehe!

Our last ride for the day was Wonder Flight (P50) which was really fun if it wasn't so cold hehe!

It was a fun day but lesson learned: always bring jackets for the kids!!! Better to be safe than sorry. Anyway, it was a nice place for the whole family and we had fun celebrating Skyler's birthday. Will definitely try to come back next time with hubby. :)

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  1. Ganda naman jan! I hope I can also bring the kids there!





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