Sunday, February 15, 2015

Continuing Breastfeeding

I'm proud to say that I've been nursing Skyler exclusively for a full year now! Like I mentioned before, I definitely experienced my own share of challenges and difficulties with breastfeeding especially with my first 2 kids (read about my breastfeeding journey HERE). It is only with Skyler that I've been able to nurse for this long and without having to mix feed with formula.

Nursing at The Boutique BnB in Tagaytay. And I love this chair, very apt don't you think? ;p

I'm so happy that he has developed a big appetite and fondness for all types of food. Because of this, he doesn't nurse as often anymore during the day. Sometimes, he even doesn't drink the expressed milk I leave behind when I go out for as long as 6 hours. Also, I noticed that he doesn't like feeding when we're out since he gets so distracted with his surroundings. During his 1st birthday party, he didn't nurse the whole time since he was probably so excited!

But at night, that's when he nurses practically the whole time. He sleeps early (about 8pm) and doesn't wake up until about 6-7am (parang alarm clock). He would cry for a bit at times and toss and turn, but then he'd just need my breast to fall asleep again. I'm his human pacifier! Sometimes when I'm facing the other way from him in the bed, I'll suddenly feel him tap on my shoulder as if to say "Mommy, wake up! I'm hungry!" But the good thing is I don't have to get up anymore to sit down like when he was younger. Now, all I do is just lift my shirt while lying down and he'll know what to do haha! Which means more sleep for mommy as well. And I love how we're in a hugging position when he feeds at night. Makes me sad to think when he's bigger na and I have to wean him already. :(

He also now loves to tug at my shirt, either lifting it up or pulling at the collar. And then he says "mim" (milk). But what's funny is he does this to his yaya or his lola too! And they get so scandalized especially when we're out in public haha! And sometimes when I'm at bed but working on the computer or just watching TV, he'll just crawl over, lift my shirt, and start feeding on his own lol!

Anyway, here are some questions I usually get about breastfeeding these days:

Doesn't it hurt especially since he has teeth now?
Him breastfeeding with teeth doesn't hurt at all. What hurts is when he intentionally bites me (I guess he gets gigil sometimes?). I've been bitten quite a few times and I couldn't help but shout in surprise. This makes Sky cry since he seems to know he did something wrong. I don't know if me telling him not to do it again worked, since he hasn't bitten me for quite some time now. But he has bitten me and other members of the family in different body parts hehe! ;p

Your baby probably never gets sick since he's exclusively breastfeed.
I don't know why, but Skyler was the one who got sick most of the time compared to his older sister and brother who were formula fed at the same age. I was confused too since I know that breastfeeding should provide him with antibodies and make him less prone to sickness. But I guess you really can't help the virus from spreading in the house especially with kids. Whenever Miley or Sabe would get colds, Sky would get it too. Probably because they can't stop hugging and kissing him! So I guess breastfeeding exclusively is not a guarantee that your baby won't get sick at all. What I think helps is that he's able to bounce back quickly from it. :)

Why don't you use a breastfeeding cover when nursing in public?
I only used a nursing cover for the first few months. But after a while, both me and Skyler found it constricting. He would refuse to feed from under it and would keep trying to take it off. I guess he just likes to see his surroundings and me clearly. And it's just easier feeding him at once without having to take out the cover from my bag and then putting it on. I also don't own any nursing tops or dresses, I just usually wear something loose that I can lift up without exposing my back or too much skin. I admit, I myself got uncomfortable whenever I would see breastfeeding women in public before I had my own kids. But now, I don't care where and when I have to nurse. I'll do it literally anywhere haha! But I make sure that I am always discreet. And I really prefer this because I find it's less obvious when I'm nursing without a cover. With a cover, people know that you're really breastfeeding. But without one, it just looks like I'm holding a sleeping child. :)

Until when do you plan on breastfeeding?
I hope to be able to do it until he turns 2 years old. But I now know the feeling of wanting to breastfeed forever, it's kinda addicting haha!

I remember the first few weeks of nursing, of having to remind myself to take it one day at a time. Then suddenly it was 6 months already and now a year. I know eventually we'll have to start weaning, but for now, I'm enjoying every single minute of precious bonding time with my baby. :)

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