Friday, February 13, 2015

Vikings Buffet at SM BF

It was my first time to eat at a Vikings buffet (Jazz Mall branch) just last month. And wouldn't you know it, I was able to visit their newest branch in SM BF just a few weeks after!

SM BF branch officially opened last January 23, 2015

I believe each Vikings branch usually has a different theme, and if the one in Jazz Mall has a very European feel to it, this branch in SM BF has a modern-rustic vibe. 

There are lots of wooden, earthy elements...

But then they're balanced out by these modern light fixtures.

This branch was also smaller compared to the one in Jazz Mall, and the layout of the place had the food on one side of the restaurant instead of in the center.

another seating area

Since the place was smaller, I felt that there was less food than the one in Jazz Mall. But I actually preferred it since I didn't feel so overwhelmed with all the choices and the visual overload. They still had all the different stations (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Carving, Dessert) but I really liked the presentation of the appetizers which is what you see right when you enter the restaurant.

Dessert station:

Anyway, I also love how they recycled the viking ship from the How To Train Your Dragon Christmas display. It's definitely a great place for a photo op with the whole fam! :)

Rates are the same as in Jazz Mall. We brought Sabe with us and he was just a few millimeters above 3ft so we were still charged with the kiddie price huhu! Akala ko palalampasin na pero hindi talaga e! Dapat pala, pinatanggal ko un shoes baka nakalusot pa hehe. ;p

After this, I think I should stay away from buffets for a while. With summer just around the corner, I definitely need to start my diet now hehe!

2nd Floor, SM BF Paranaque
811-3888, 811-4888, 0998-988-2888, 0917-895-4888


  1. Thank you very much for the pictures! Now, i got a better picture on what Vikings has to offer :)



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