Saturday, February 7, 2015

Our Prenup Pictorial

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary and to celebrate, I thought I'd share our prenup photos taken way back in 2008 by Flickerhappy Studio. I knew I wanted a vintage theme and I remember searching long and hard for a location for the shoot. I happened to see a photo of this place in Real Living magazine which turned out to be A11 Gallery in Pasay City. From the pictures I saw, I knew I had to have our shoot there.

I didn't know who to get in touch with so I remember just writing a random email to a contact address I saw online. Lo and behold, someone replied and said that it was the very first time someone had inquired about a prenup shoot! So yes, we hold the distinction of being the first ever couple to do their prenup in this place. :)

I completely love how the photos turned out because every single corner of the place was gorgeous! Looking back, it's probably how I would still want my prenup pics to look even if we did it today. And you might think we look sad in the pics coz there's hardly any with us smiling but that's intentional lol! We definitely didn't want to be mushy or cheesy so we just treated it like a fashion spread hehe. So yes, no kissing shots! I remember having my trial makeup done before the shoot then I just did my own hair. I also was the one who styled our outfits. Sariling sikap even then hehe! :)

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics as much as I loved looking back on them. Throwback! ;p


  1. wow sis! great shots.. thanks for sharing your prenup photos.

    I wish me and hubby could do that too but unfortunately no cause we now fouces on some real life marriage stuff..

    hope you visit me too on my blog



  2. Happy anniversary, Vince and Helene. God bless you and your adorable kids. Happy birthday in advance to Miley. All the best!

  3. These are wonderful photographs!

  4. how much was the rent for the shoot?

    1. Well, this was in 2008 pa, but I believe back then we paid P3k? Best to inquire with them now to find out their current rates :)



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