Sunday, November 2, 2014

Spooktacular Halloween at Robinsons BF

We usually just go trick or treating in our village for Halloween and skip the events in malls or other establishments. But I happened to find out that there was going to be a free Halloween activity in Pergola Mall last October 29, so I thought I'll just register the kids just in case.

We almost ended up not going though, since Miley was tinatamad and Sabe woke up in a very bad mood from his afternoon nap. But I managed to get them dressed and figured we'll just check it out for fun. There was no pressure since it was a free event anyway and if they really didn't want to participate, then I'll just go grocery shopping hehe.

There were already a lot of people when we arrived. This was the first time Miley and Sabe attended something like this so they were a bit apprehensive at first (I decided not to bring Skyler na lang since I didn't know how long the event would last).

I was honestly after the trick or treating, but a big part of the activity was the costume contest. It said in the flyer that they were picking 3 winners for the scariest costume. So there were a lot of headless people, bloody corpses, and monsters everywhere! Miley and Sabe were freaked out at the start and were begging me to go home! We had to bring them first to the toy store to calm them down haha. :)

For their costumes, I just dressed them in existing outfits we had at home. I didn't want them to wear their real costumes since that was reserved for October 31. Sabe has so many superhero costumes so he just went as Thor. Miley had this dress for quite some time now, I just added wings and a floral headband to make her look like a flower fairy. But you should have seen some of the costumes there, career talaga!

Thor and Flower Fairy

The event started with a Scooby-Doo puppet show, which the kids found really entertaining (but was super corny for me haha!).

There was also a Ghostbusters puppet show (but in Tagalog) after. I wasn't even paying attention anymore and thought the kids weren't even listening. Turns out they really enjoyed it!

watching the puppet show

After that, it was time for the costume contest. They were calling the kids in groups of 10 up the stage. Good thing I registered early so our number was 28 and 29. At least we didn't have to wait so long since we were in the 3rd batch (I believe there were about 100 kids). I was afraid Miley and Sabe would have stage fright so I asked my mom to accompany them.

When it was their turn, I was so proud since they both said their names and who they were dressed as! Sabe was so funny when the host asked where Thor's hammer was. He held up his hand and said it was invisible haha! :)

waiting for their turn
waving to Mommy

I really wanted to wait until the end for the trick or treat, but we had to leave since we had to go to my brother-in-law's birthday dinner. We didn't even find out who won the costume contest! But good thing the kids were able to get their loot bags which consisted of some candy and a small toy. It wasn't much, but the kids were so happy already (babaw ng kaligayahan hehe)!

I was so happy we ended up going since it was a new experience for the kids. And it got them even more excited for our Halloween trick or treat! :)

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