Friday, November 21, 2014

Our new Panasonic Inverter refrigerator

I'm not much of a cook so our kitchen is probably the one area in our house we spent the least amount of money on when we moved in 3 years ago. All the appliances are hand-me-downs from my mom, like our oven, water dispenser, and refrigerator. We also got our microwave as a freebie when we bought our plasma TV haha! Everything looks ok and works fine anyways, so we were happy to get these for free.

Don't get me wrong, I still dream of having a gorgeous kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances someday. Maybe then I'll get motivated to cook noh? haha! ;p Anyway, like I said, our refrigerator is still in perfect condition but it is quite small. We noticed that we were having a hard time fitting everything inside the freezer after doing the grocery, especially now since I'm also storing my breastmilk there.

our old ref (with a few of our magnet collection)

So we finally decided to buy a new one when SM had a recent sale. After scoping around, we settled on the Panasonic Inverter 16 cu.ft. size. The original cost was about P39k but after all the promos and discounts, we got it for P31k.

First off, I just love the silver color which makes it look so sleek compared to our old white one. Makes our kitchen look so sosyal na hehe! And look at all that space to stick our magnets on!

We were really sold when we found out this had an Intelligent Inverter Technology which has up to 40% less energy consumption. Hopefully our electricity bill really goes down. ;p

I was a bit skeptical at first with the bottom freezer though. I was thinking the drawer type compartment might get broken easily (hopefully not). But since frozen foods are used less, the refrigerator at the top part means that  you'd have easier access to the food and beverages consumed more often.

Having the ref at the top part is really such a big difference! It's so easy to have everything at eye level and no more bending over or kneeling down to check out what's in the bottom part like before!

I also like how it has separate vegetable and chilled case, which provides indirect cooling to prevent drying and damage.

It also has anti-bacteria and deodorizing features which are a plus! Hopefully this ref will last a long time and perform like it promises. :)



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