Friday, November 14, 2014

Movies that made me cry

I just watched The Fault in Our Stars the other day (yes, now lang!). When it was showing in the cinemas a couple of months ago, I remember seeing so many posts on my feed about how people were bawling their eyes out and were so depressed after watching it. Obviously I haven’t read the book, so I had no idea what the story was about except that the girl was sick. But I sorta had a feeling of what was going to happen based on all the feedback I was getting (and I guessed right btw!).

Anyway, I was expecting to get all emotional while watching the movie... but it never happened for me. As in no tears. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Hubby was joking that I had a stone-cold heart, but hey, he didn’t cry either so I guess we’re perfect for each other lol! But thinking about it, maybe I just didn’t connect with the movie or wasn’t feeling the actors (I’m not such a fan of Shailene Woodley btw). Or I guess I was already anticipating too much, so in the back of my mind I was already prepared for all the sadness, gets?

But I guess I really don’t cry easily. Like I didn’t cry at my wedding or when my babies were born hehe. Those moments were filled with so much love, joy and excitement but the whole tears of happiness thing just never happens for me!

But anyway, back to the point. It got me thinking of the movies that have really struck a chord in me and made me cry (and still gets me choked up whenever I watch it again). Because believe it or not, there have been a few. So before you think I really am a heartless person, here’s the list in no particular order, with the scenes that have really stood out. ;p

*SPOILERS below, but these are all old movies anyway, which I hope almost everyone have seen ;p

The Little Mermaid
My favourite Disney movie EVER! Even when I watch it today, the last scene where Ariel says goodbye to her father King Triton and all her family and friends in the ocean gets me crying every single time. And I just love all the songs!

My next favourite Disney movie. The part with the lanterns is just magical. And when Rapunzel is finally reunited with her real parents and they don’t even say anything and just hug. Cryfest!

A Walk to Remember
My favourite Nicholas Sparks movie. I remember hubby and I watched this back in college and he also shed a few tears here haha! So many moments got me emotional, especially their wedding. I also read the book after and ended up crying even more!

The Land Before Time
I think everyone I know has cried at this movie! Ang bigat! Just hearing the song “If We Hold On Together” gets me emotional! I also love the character Cera (the triceratop) and how she acts so tough. But then there’s this part I can’t forget where she keeps distancing herself from the others but then when nightfall came, she eventually went to Littlefoot’s side to snuggle and keep warm. That moment just got me!

Monsters Inc.
The last part when Mike reveals he has rebuilt Boo’s door and then Sulley uses the piece he has to complete it. Then he enters the door and finally reunites with Boo. Awww...

Legends of the Fall
One of my favourite movies of ALL time. It doesn’t hurt that Brad Pitt stars in this too. This is such a heavy drama so there’s definitely lot of emotional scenes. A part that always gets me choked up is when Brad Pitt finally goes home after so many years and his dad Anthony Hopkins already had a stroke and can’t speak. So he writes “AM HAPPY” on his blackboard around his neck. Huhuhu! Also the part where Brad Pitt’s wife is accidentally killed. So depressing!

Jerry Maquire
One of my absolute favourite Tom Cruise movies! The best part for me was when Cuba Gooding Jr. gets injured but then recovers and dances on the football field. And I love the part when everyone is trying to interview him after, and then he spots Jerry and they hug each other crying. Another fave part is the end when Cuba appears on a talk show then he gets surprised when he finds out Jerry has secured him a multi-million dollar contract. Such a feel good movie!

I love this movie which was based on a true story. Underdog Rudy (Sean Astin) beat the odds and won the football game for his school. And the best part for me was when his teammates carried him on their shoulders chanting “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!” Such an inspirational film.

Scent of a Woman
The part where Chris O’Donnell (Charlie) stops Al Pacino from committing suicide and when Al Pacino arrives to defend Charlie in the disciplinary hearing. I developed a major crush on Chris O’Donnell here and idolized Al Pacino for his acting skills (I believe he won the Oscar for Best Actor).

Toy Story 3
This is actually my least favourite out of all the Toy Story movies since I feel the story is a bit darker compared to the first two. But the last part when Andy finally lets go and passes the toys to their new owner, Bonnie, and then they play together with all the toys is so touching. I think we can all relate with outgrowing our childhood toys that we’ve loved so much throughout the years.

Deep Impact
I remember Armageddon and Deep Impact where shown almost at the same time. A lot of people loved Armageddon especially that scene where Bruce Willis sacrifices himself for Ben Affleck (nope, didn’t cry there). Personally, I preferred Deep Impact, where I got all emotional with the tsunami scene and when the rescue crew decides to undertake a suicide mission and says goodbye to their families on video call.

City Of Angels
This movie got me really depressed after! I just could not accept how Nicolas Cage finally becomes human and then Meg Ryan dies the next day! And this line: “I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it.. Just one.” Haaaaay my heart just breaks! Lesson of the story, don’t ride a bike with your eyes closed and hands in the air diba???

My Girl
When Macaulay Culkin dies and Anna Chlumsky attends the funeral. Nuff said. 

Other honorable mentions at the top of my head: Forrest Gump, War Horse, Steel Magnolias, Beaches, Little Women, The Last of the Mohicans, Dying Young...

So what do you think of my list? I noticed almost half are cartoons though haha! What about you, what movies have made you cry?


  1. Hi Helene!

    Wow. All movies you mentioned, except CITY OF ANGELS, are very dear to me.
    Just lost all the things I've written about these movies...I tried transferring everything from my pages, but there were blog entries that I haven't saved. Bummer.

    Re: #tfios
    I may not know you that well, but you seem to be a person with so much joy inside that could overpower any sadness, so maybe that's why you seldom, you're right. Maybe you were expecting it to be a tearjerker so it didn't have "that" effect on you.

    All the best!


    1. Thanks for your comment Lara! Appreciate it :) nice to know we have the same taste in movies too! ;p

  2. AYou're very welcome, Helene. Anyways, I really doubt if you would appreciate the other movies I like. Naaliw lang ako sa list mo kasi I really love almost everything. I also miss my brother who was my movie buddy when he was alive...I watched half of the movies on the list with him.

  3. Hay naku, I cry kahit mababaw ang movie hehe! I easily get carried away with the dialogues k'se eh. I have this habit of watching movies late at night pa, so imagine me having puffy eyes when I go to the office the following day hehe!

    I've recently watched "If I Stay" and "What If" (Daniel Radcliffe's so adorb in this movie!). Both are light movies but the stories are so touching I couldn't help crying hehe!



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