Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

If you're following me on Instagram (@mrsmommyholic), then you've probably already seen what the kids' costumes were for Halloween.

You also know that I've always dressed Miley and Sabe as a pair - Dora & Boots in 2011, Lilo & Stitch in 2012, and Peter Pan & Tinkerbell in 2013 (wherein hubby and I also joined in as Captain Hook and Mr. Smee!)

Now that we have a new addition to the family with baby Skyler, I was really excited at first thinking what theme we could do this year. I had a couple of ideas (The Incredibles would have been perfect right? ;p) but then Miley and Sabe are already at that age wherein they want to do things their way (and they can get pretty stubborn too!). I finally decided to forego having a theme this year and just let them be who they wanted. :)

Miley had asked her dad to buy her a Merida costume a couple of months ago when he was in the States. We made her choose among all the Disney princesses and I was really surprised when she kept insisting she wanted Merida since I knew for a fact she had only watched the movie Brave once (and she got scared of the bear too!). But she kept saying she wanted it so hubby went ahead and bought it.

The costume wasn't cheap (about $30 I think) so I figured she might as well wear it trick or treating. But she needed a couple more things to really look like the character. Merida is best known for her wild hair, so I bought a red wig at Divisoria for P200. I also found a bow and arrow at Toys R Us for only P99! It was actually from the Juan dela Cruz toy line (remember that telenovela starring Coco Martin? lol!) but it really matched her outfit. :)

Meanwhile, hubby and I watched the Rurouni Kenshin movie trilogy and really enjoyed it! Hubby loved it so much he started watching the old Samurai X cartoons again. Sabe ended up watching with his dad and liking it as well! Good thing I was able to find a kimono in SM on sale for just P100. And we were able to buy a kiddie samurai sword in Korea which was perfect for his costume. I wanted him to have a long ponytail just like Kenshin but it was a challenge getting him to wear the hairpiece I bought. He kept saying "I don't like! I'm NOT a girl!" lol! I was able to take a couple of pics though without him noticing I clipped it already. Can you see his ponytail in the pic below? ;p And of course, I drew an X on his cheek with my eyebrow pencil to complete the look. :)

Can you tell feel na feel niya ang costume? My gosh, emote to the max! Hahaha! I didn't even tell him how to pose, this is all him! ;p

For Skyler, I really love owls so I was so happy when hubby was able to buy this costume in the States as well. It is absolutely adorable and super gigil! I thought he was going to be fussy with the costume, but I was so surprised when he was so behaved and didn't even try to remove the hoodie part in his head. And so many people took pics of him when we went trick or treating since he was just too cute! :)

Anyway, here are more pics of them in their costumes. :)

Miley as Merida
Sabe as Samurai X
Skyler as baby owl

Oh, and I sorta had a mini costume too. When Miley said she was going to be Merida, I figured I'll be her momma bear, the queen! Bought this bear hat at Metro Department Store for about P130. ;p

The kids were so excited, they could barely stand still! I couldn't even get a decent pic of the 3 of them haaay!

their best group shot!
so in character!

Finally going around trick or treating!

Hi baby Tiyanak! Miley and Sabe are terrified of this thing haha! ;p
some houses gave dirty ice cream! yum!
eating their loot
all their candy!

So it was a successful Halloween again this year! I admit, I kinda wish we did have a theme but hey, there's always next year. I actually have some ideas already so at least I have a whole year to prepare haha! ;p

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