Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our SM Director's Club movie experience (and the e-PLUS Card)

If there's one thing hubby and I love doing, it's watching movies. But surprisingly, we've never tried watching in a Director's Club cinema until recently. Probably because I found it too expensive hehe. But when the new SM City BF Paranaque opened, we were surprised to find out that almost all of the theatres were Director's Club (4 out of 6 in fact). The other 2 are regular cinemas (one is for 3D, the other for 2D). So usually, you have no choice coz they play all the good movies in the Director's Club. And honestly, I'm not really a fan of 3D so I'd rather watch in a Director's Club since it's just like a P50 difference.

So when X-Men: Days of Future Past was shown, we finally decided to try the Director's Club in SM BF for the first time. The tickets cost P400 each, but of course it comes with perks like this posh waiting area...

And of course, lazy boy recliners! Since SM City BF Paranaque only opened late last year, everything is still so brand new. The chairs are all working properly and in perfect condition. It felt so good to tilt back the seat and stretch my legs, I was afraid I would fall asleep since it was so comfortable! ;p

But take note that you can only bring in food from the cinema's food stall, Snack Time.

The ticket is also inclusive of only 1 serving of a bowl of popcorn. I don't know if this is the case for this branch only, but I heard other Director's Club served unlimited popcorn right? Oh well, I'm on a diet naman so ok lang haha!

If you want to order drinks or more food, you just press the button beside your seat. My only complain was that it took a while before any assistance came. In fact, we ended up just signaling to one of the staff serving the popcorn since no one came after we pressed the button and the movie was about to start.

Now when we bought the tickets, we were asked if we had an e-PLUS card. We weren't really interested in getting one, but then we were given complimentary cards which apparently were included in the ticket price already. We then found out that when you use the e-PLUS card, you get P50 off every movie you watch in a Director's Club and in 3D. You also get 10% off from Snack Time.

e-PLUS card stall right next to the ticket counter

We had to fill out an application form the next time we watched, for our cards to be personalized.

Once you have your personalized card, you can enjoy more perks. So yes, I have to say the e-PLUS card is really worth it. You can also use it to pay for other things like when you go shopping in SM, since you just need to load it with money and "tap to pay". Just visit www.eplus.ph for more details.

After this, I have to say it will be hard to watch in a regular cinema again after watching in a Director's Club! I mean, it's practically the same cost as watching in a regular theater anyway. Diba it's around P200+ in a regular cinema? Then you'll buy snacks/popcorn pa which is about P100. So ganun din since P350 per ticket in a Director's Club using the e-PLUS card (with popcorn too). So for sure we'll be regulars from now on! :)

3/F SM City BF Paranaque, Dr. A. Santos Avenue corner BF Homes, Sucat, Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
808-6167, 808-6157


  1. I feel so old! Nung mag bf pa kami ang movie tickets sa ATC 90 pesos lang sis! Grabe!

    1. Sis ako nga P70 lang sa makati (un Quad pa before) nun grade school ako! Haha! ;p

  2. Directors Club is so nice because you don't have the loud mouth Filipino like in the general cinemas.

  3. Wow 400pesos? I wish that sofa is a massage sofa. LOL!
    Anyway, thanks for the review :)



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