Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kiddie manicure at Robots & Dolls salon

Earlier this month, I blogged about our salon experience at Robots and Dolls where both my kids got a haircut.

The salon also offers nailcare for kids, like manicure, pedicure, and foot spa. Miley loves nail polish so much (she even knows how to apply it herself!) that I decided to treat her to a day of pampering by getting her nails done. :)

They have regular and organic nail polish in lots of different colors. And I didn't even have to guess what color Miley wanted - PINK of course! :)

The girl started by sterilizing all the nail clippers she was going to use. She then gave Miley an arm and hand massage. I know Miley really enjoyed this since when we put nail polish at home, we now put lotion first hehe. ;p

Next it was time to put the hands in the bubble machine which Miley really loved! Do you know where I can buy something like this? So that we can really recreate the salon experience at home. :)

Then her nails were cut, buffed, and polished...

And then her hands were placed in the drying machine...

You can put nail art decals too, which were basically these tiny stickers. Good thing I saw that these were P10 a nail so I just compromised with Miley and asked if we could just get 2 (one for each pointer finger). Which was a smart decision since she peeled them when we got home anyways!

Then, a quick blow dry to make sure everything was set...

And viola! The cutest nails ever hehe! Talo pa ako ni Miley, I don't even get my nails done at a salon! Honestly, I could have done this myself at home but it was really the experience I wanted her to have. And I was also having so much fun just watching her go through the process. :)

She was so happy and proud of her nails after, she was already asking me when we could come back. Naku baby, mommy will do your nails muna for now, baka mamulubi tayo sa salon hehe! But it is quite affordable, so I promised her we would have regular "mommy & me" salon dates in the future. Check out their prices below. :)

ROBOTS & DOLLS Salon for Kids and Teens
2nd Floor, Pergola Mall, BF Homes, ParaƱaque
Tel: 823-1723
Cell: 0923-7460364
Instagram: @robotsanddolls
Mon - Sun10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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