Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cruise Stops: Phuket, Thailand & Langkawi, Malaysia

The SuperStar Virgo Cruise we were on last October had stopovers in Phuket, Thailand and Langkawi, Malaysia. You can choose from among several shore excursions which you have to pay for separately (exclusive from the cruise package price), or you can choose to just stay on the boat while the ship is docked on port.

When we were on our honeymoon 5 years ago, the stops our cruise made were in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Phuket. The schedule was also nicer since we had a whole day in Phuket, which we spent just lounging around and exploring Patong Beach. This time, the ship arrived in Phuket at 7PM and would stay until 3AM. The activities being offered were cabaret shows, buffet dinners, Thai massages, etc. Basically, nothing we found appealing especially with two toddlers in tow who would probably be sleepy and cranky from being out way past their bedtime. Besides, I was also pregnant then and didn't want to stay out so late since I was already so tired. So we opted to just stay on the boat and just go down to do a little shopping in the tiangges on the port.

many stalls on the port selling souvenirs, clothes, food, etc.
with the SS Virgo

The stopover in Langkawi, Malaysia was from 11AM to 6PM. Some of the activities being offered were sightseeing, shopping, a trip to Langkawi Underwater World, eagle feeding, water sports, and other island adventures. We simply chose the free time at the beach since we wanted to just relax and hang out with the kids.

Of course, what tour wouldn't be complete without a trip to some factory to force you to buy some goodies right? hehe! ;p This time, it was a chocolate / coffee shop.

After that, we were dropped off at the beach where we just spent the afternoon swimming and running around the shore. The beach had soft sand and clear waters, but of course Boracay is definitely nicer. I wish we had more time though since it felt really bitin when we had to go back to the ship.

looking for crabs
enjoying the waves
ice cream time

I know we really weren't able to maximize the shore excursions since we didn't want to have to drag the kids on tours that would just tire them. Our main focus was really to enjoy the cruise itself and we definitely accomplished that. :)

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