Friday, March 28, 2014

Summer buys from SM

Summer is already here so I couldn't resist doing a little shopping when I was at SM a few days ago. Since we have a few beach trips lined up, I decided to buy some new swimsuits for the kids. The Hello Kitty rashguard was P750 but the boys briefs were on sale at just P100-P150! :)

I also got this kickboard for Miley when she starts to take swimming lessons.

I fell in love with this Peppermint dress even from afar and loved it even more since it was on sale for P500. The blue pants for Sabe was also on sale for P420. :)

The kids' feet grow so fast so I added these to their shoe collection. Sabe loves Transformers so he was so excited when he found the Bumblebee slippers! And the black ones look just like Toms but way cheaper hehe! Perfect everyday shoes. ;p

I've also been eyeing these Flamingo sandals for the longest time and finally it was marked down! Thank God there was a size for Miley! Also got some new white shoes for her since they really go with everything.

Aaaaaand... I couldn't help but get a little something for myself too hehe! I'm sure you all know how hard it is to find that perfect swimsuit right? So when I tried on this black one piece from Coco Cabana and it actually looked good on me, I didn't even think twice and bought it! I'm so glad gone are the days when one piece bathing suits were considered baduy. Now you can have all the coverage you want while still looking sexy and classy all at the same time.  :)


So have you guys booked your summer outings yet? :)


  1. Great picks! I love the little floral dress!

  2. Yes! SM had already great clothes line for children and too! hindi na sila nahuhuli sa uso. I find their children's line so cute and dainty for my little girls. Thumbs up and great job SM!



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