Friday, November 15, 2013

Easy to do Banana Cake

Sadly, I don't cook and I also don't bake. But my kids love mixing things and when I saw this oven toaster cake mix in the grocery, I figured we'd give it a try. :)

It's so easy for a non-baker like me, plus all the ingredients and tools are stuff I already had lying around the house.

This is such a great activity to do with the kids because the directions are so simple to follow, you can't really mess it up haha. I love how the kids were so excited to help out! They practically did everything themselves. ;p

mash 2 ripe bananas
add the cake mix, 3 tbsps cooking oil, 1/4 cup water, egg
mix everything until nice and smooth
line the loaf pan with wax paper then pour the mixture in
cover the pan with aluminum foil
then pop it in the over toaster for 10-20 mins

It's that simple! The kids were so happy to see the finished product. And I was even happier when it tasted so good! Not bad at all for an instant, ready to mix cake. Btw, you can substitute carrots for the bananas if you want to do a carrot cake. Check out our masterpiece below! Yummmmmmy! ;p

How I wish I had been blessed with some culinary skills so I could whip up some homemade cupcakes, muffins, or cookies. But I gotta start somewhere right? I also bought a brownie mix which I can't wait to try out. Who knows, this may be the start of me becoming a baking queen in the kitchen haha! ;p

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