Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Christmas tree is up!

Every year since we moved in our house, I've been setting up the Christmas tree from start to finish. I'm just OC like that since I like all the branches to be perfect and all the decors to be placed just where I like it. Since I'm heavily preggers now though, I asked hubby if he could be the one to do it this year. But of course, with my extremely close supervision lol! ;p

hello again Christmas tree!
Hubby hard at work. Now he knows it ain't so easy placing those branches one by one!
now the fun part - decorating!

It was so cute watching hubby and the kids decorate the tree while I acted as official photographer hehe. What's nice is that the kids are at that age where they actually help and don't destroy the decors anymore. :)

I left them to do their thing while I rested for a bit. After a while, they bounded back into the room all happy and proud. So when I went to check on the tree, I fully expected everything to be all done. But what was so hilarious is that they only placed half the balls and then gave up already haha! And hubby blamed the kids pa - tinamad na daw sila! haaaay! ;p

So I still ended up doing almost ALL the decorating, but I honestly didn't mind. :)

Now we're all feeling the Christmas spirit at home. Next on the agenda - wrapping all the gifts! ;p

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