Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vacuum bags

I've been looking for vacuum bags for the longest time now, and I finally chanced upon an online seller with some affordable products.

The company is called XPLORE and aside from vacuum compressed bags, they also sell stuff like foldable boots, luggage scale, perfume atomizer and other latest travel products.

I emailed them to inquire and got a reply very quickly. The 60x80cm vacuum bags (2pcs/set) were P199 and you get 20% discount if you get at least 4 sets. Free delivery too.

So I got 4 sets for a grand total of P637 (for 8 bags all in all) and they got delivered two days after I deposited the payment. Super fast and efficient service. :)

I've been wanting to store some of my out of season clothes plus those that don't fit me right now (since I'm preggy) as well as some of the kids' stuff, and it's been quite a challenge fitting them all inside orocan boxes. Plus, I've always wanted to use these when we travel to save space in our luggage.

Anyway, the vacuum bags are so easy to use. Just put all your clothes in and close the bag like you would a regular ziplock bag.

Open the valve and use a vacuum cleaner to suck the air out. You can also do it manually by compressing the bag by hand to push the air out.

Close the valve and you're all done! Instant space saver, plus I love how the stuff inside are protected since it's airtight and waterproof. :)

Anyway, for inquiries and orders, you can check out their Facebook page at Or call 09998193543 / 09178227787 / 6246249 or email


  1. vacuum bags are so useful in our daily life...thanks for blogs

    Keep it up


  2. Hi, please visit our page or for more details of the XPLORE Vacuum Bag

    Thanks mommy Helene!!



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