Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

I'm BAAAAACK! Just in time to bid 2018 goodbye! After me and hubby got back from our vacation last November, I was so busy with the kids and prepping for Christmas that I just had to take a break from blogging. But I promise to be back soon to tell you all about London and Scotland! :)

Anyway, here are some of the things I've been busy with the past few weeks.

The kids had exams right when we got back, then there was Family Day and Christmas presentations. When the school break started, I decided to enroll Miley and Sabe in art class which they've been enjoying very much.

It's also been raining a lot the past few days, so the kids finally took a bath in the rain! This was Miley and Skyler's first time ever and they had such a blast!

And of course, I've just been busy looking for activities that the family can do. Here we are at the newly opened KICCA in Festival Mall, which I'll be blogging about soon.

Then there's the endless parties and reunions this holiday season. I wasn't able to make it to all the get-togethers, but still lucky I was able to spend time with dear friends.

And ta-da, here's our annual Christmas card! As usual, I just shot it myself at home. Their matching jammies are from Landmark (less than P200 each), then just paired it with plain red tops.

Meanwhile, the theme for our family Christmas party this year was BOHEMIAN (click HERE to see last year's crazy hat theme). This was so easy for me since I love everything boho and I didn't need to buy or make anything anymore since I have so many clothes that could fit the theme lol.

Here's Miley wearing my kimono and Sabre using an old shirt of mine.

Since bohemian ang theme, hubby insisted on going as Freddie Mercury lol! Bohemian Rhapsody daw kasi (although we haven't even seen the movie yet!). But the good news is our family won the costume contest this year YEHEY! ;p

And of course, no holiday would be complete without a staycation for our family. We stayed at Somerset Alabang for 3D/2N. I actually planned this because hubby was supposed to be out of the country for work after Christmas until New Year. But good thing his trip got cancelled so we were able to enjoy quality family time together.

This year flew by so fast wouldn't you agree? I have so much to be thankful for and more to look forward to. Wishing everyone peace, love, and laughter this 2019!

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