Wednesday, December 20, 2017

DIY Christmas Photoshoot 2017

And our annual Christmas card photoshoot continues! Again, I decided to DIY it this year thinking it would be easier since the kids are older... wrong! ;p

This was my set-up this year (to see last year's photoshoot, click HERE). I just strung some Christmas lights on the wall and covered our wooden bench with a comforter. Then I bought this white tree at SM (just P600) and covered it with my candy decorations. So I figured I'll have a "sweet theme" this year with the kids wearing pink.

Anyway, I was hoping the photoshoot would be a breeze since it would be easier to direct the kids and make them smile and stuff... But I guess any parent knows that having multiple children look directly at the camera at the SAME time is practically a miracle lol! I always had a kid looking somewhere else, or had their eyes closed, or had a fake/forced smile...

Of course, they all loved picking the decors from the tree too! Especially my bunso who loves ice cream!

At one point I was just like "FINE, do whatever pose you like!" And THIS is what they give me! LOL!

I probably have about 75% fail or wacky photos. But thankfully I got some good ones too. The trick is to just keep clicking away and you're bound to end up with a good pic! Anyway, here's the best out of the bunch. Will share the final card on Christmas day!

This was the last shot I took haha! Anyway, can't believe it's just 5 days til Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone. :)

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