Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Zalora 12.12 #OnlineFever Shopping Haul

I really try to avoid online shopping as much as I can these days because you know, dangerous! But if there's a huge sale or a really good deal, then I can't help but give in!

Zalora is currently having their 12.12 (December 12) sale and it's a huge one since it's the end of the year and I guess they're trying to get rid of a lot of unsold stock. So there's really huge discounts I couldn't resist!

To be honest, I wasn't planning on buying anything at first, just "look" lang... But then there was this Buy 2 Get 30% off deal, then there was an additional 20% off on top of discounts, plus there was an additional 5% discount for using Mastercard. Wala na, iload na ang cart lol!

Basically, I bought 8 items and spent about P3k. What a deal right?! That's like less than P400 for each piece of clothing!

Of course, it's kinda hard shopping online sometimes since obviously you can't fit the clothes. But what's great about Zalora is you can return the item free of charge within 30 days. Pero I really liked the stuff I bought and I hoped they would fit since usually they only had one stock left na lang. Luckily, everything pretty much was ok, whew! And they all look exactly as they did in the photos, which was a huge plus!

Anyway, here's the stuff I got. Sorry for the crappy photos, I just took the pics when I was fitting the clothes a while ago. And I wanted to grab the photos off Zalora's site, but then most of the stuff I bought was already sold out and I guess they took down the link for those items na.

Size M
Price after discounts: P 379.24

This was probably my best buy since the original price of this dress was I believe almost P3k! Like whut??? How could I have paid just P379.24 for this! Winner! It's just a bit long but that can easily be altered.

Size M
Price after discounts: P 413.54

This skirt is so pretty in person, especially with those embroidered bugs on it which I love! The design is just so whimsical don't you think? There's a version in black, but I think the white pops out more. And the original price is a whopping P1,799 and I got it for just P400!

Size S
Price after discounts: P 265.24

This was the last piece online and it was in a size small which I was worried about, but luckily it fits! Again I love the embroidered details and the original price was also more than P1k!

Size S
Price after discounts: P 367.54

Original price was P1499 and I really liked the contrast of the colors and the uneven hemline.

Size M
Price after discounts: P 227.24

This is a super easy dress to wear and I like the pinstripes. The material is really nice too. This was also the cheapest dress I got after all the discounts.

Size M
Price after discounts: P 265.24

This dress was also super cheap after all the discounts so I just had to get it. I also like how girly it is espcially with the pleated skirt. And I mean, how could you go wrong with a dress less than P300!

Size M
Price after discounts: P 265.24

Got the same dress but in black this time.

Size M
Price after discounts: P 827.54

This was the most expensive item I got and I guess I liked how it looked in the photos (sorry I just have the thumbnail from my order). Not sure how I feel about this dress though, I like it but hubby hates it haha! I'm thinking of styling it with statement earrings and heels so let's see how it looks when I'm all dolled up!

Anyway, I'm super happy with all the stuff I got! The quality of the clothes is great and the fact that I paid so little is even better! Makes you think why you even pay full price for stuff right?!

The sale is still ongoing until tomorrow (December 15) so it's not too late to catch some last minute deals. And if ever, there's always next year to look forward to!

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