Sunday, December 31, 2017

Crazy Christmas Hat Party!

It'll be 2018 in a couple of hours, but first let me share with you some pics from our annual family Christmas party. This year, our theme was CRAZY CHRISTMAS HATS!

Our theme in 2014 was Ugly Sweater, 2015 was Asian, and 2016 was Disney. This year was easy since it was just hats we had to think of. I didn't have time to DIY though, so I just bought our hats in the mall. I found mine and hubby's hats in National Bookstore for about P170 each. The kids' hats were all from SM at just P50 each.

Here's some of the other crazy hats our family wore:

upper left family won 3rd place and upper right family won 1st place

Us, we won 2nd place lol! I think mainly because of the kids haha!

This Christmas was also the first year our parents (my mom and in-laws) were all in the States. So orphans kami haha!

with my sis who spent Christmas with us
It's so funny, now lang I found out what this hand gesture means! I'm such a tita na talaga lol!

It's also so hard to make everyone smile for a family pic, right? So hubby just said "sad face" and everyone cooperated hahaha! Kainis!

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone! May 2018 be filled with health and happiness, plus a fresh start of brighter and more exciting journeys ahead. Cheers!

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