Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Our Rainbow Vacuum Demo experience (to buy or not to buy?)

I've been referred to have a Rainbow vacuum demo a number of times before, but I've always said no since I know how expensive it is. But I've read such great reviews about it in online mommy groups, saying how it was SO worth it since the unit can last for decades and they have superb after-sales service. And since my family can be prone to allergy attacks, I figured it was time to see for myself if we should indeed get one.

We were recently referred to by our friends so we agreed to have the demo done one morning. The first thing the agent did was show us that the Rainbow vaccum is also an air filter/purifier. He showed us the dust particles floating around the air through this light. He then turned the air filter system on and we could see how the dust was sucked inside the machine.

So the dirt and dust are trapped in a swirling water basin and fresh water-washed air is returned to your home.

this is the dust captured by turning the air filter on for just a couple of minutes

They also have fragrances you can add to the water to eliminate household odors.

Next it was time to show how the vacuum works. I admit, I was excited about this part since the bed was going to be vacuumed. The last time we had it professionally vacuummed was more than a year ago!

you can shorten the handles if you want more control
I gave it a try and it was easy to use naman
dirt from the mattress!
Next up were the pillows. See the dirt on the red cloth?
He changed the attachment to an Upholstery Tool for the headboard
Floor and Wall Brush attachment

At the end of the demo, he showed us all the parts/attachments/tools that would come with the package.

And then the big reveal... HOW MUCH??? Actually, I already knew the price based from the mommy forums. He gave us further discounts which brought the cost to about P140,000.

Of course, you also have to give referrals and if someone you referred buys, you get points which gets you the following items:

Ok, first some thoughts about the demo:
- Demo is FREE and was approximately 1 hour.
- The sales agent was very nice and definitely knew a lot about the product.
- We were really impressed with the air filtration system since it's definitely an added bonus.
- I read reviews that they found the unit too big, but it wasn't as big as I was expecting. Definitely if you live in a condo, then storage might be a problem.
- It looked very easy to use based on the demo. The agent said if you buy a unit, you can have someone come over to teach your househelp how to use it. Pero if ganun kamahal un vacuum, parang I'd have to be the one to use it talaga haha!
- Based on what the sales agent explained with regards to replacements/repairs, Rainbow's after-sales service is top notch.
- I liked that the agent wasn't a hard sell or pressuring us to get the unit right away. He also wasn't makulit after the demo, kasi some sales people really call and text you everyday to follow-up right? I'm sure he knows it's a huge amount and something that we need to really think about.

SO DID WE BUY IT??? Well, not yet haha! Honestly, the price is just a bit too much for us right now. If it was half the amount, I think we would be more willing. But then again, we did see the actual dirt vacuumed from our room... ugh, so hard to decide!

What do you think? Do you have a Rainbow Vacuum? Do you really think it really is worth it?

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