Friday, August 3, 2018

Our day at Ocean Park Hong Kong

This past summer, we went to Hong Kong to celebrate my son Sabre's 7th birthday. It was originally supposed to be an entire Disneyland trip, where we would stay in the Explorers Lodge Hotel for 3 days and get the 2-day theme park ticket. But then I was surprised when my two older kids said they didn't want to go to Disneyland anymore (probably since they've already been there a few years ago) and would much rather go to Ocean Park.

The last time I visited Ocean Park was years ago when I was still a teenager. Hubby's last time was way back when he was 7 years old! Plus, hubby and I went to Disneyland a few months before to celebrate my birthday, so we were totally onboard with just going to Ocean Park instead.

Tickets at the website is HK$480 for adults (aged 12 above) and HK$240 for children (aged 3-11). But you can get cheaper tickets via KLOOK at ₱2,735 for adults and ₱1,479 for kids.

Going there was a breeze via the MTR South Island Line which stops at Ocean Park Station for direct access to park entrance.

The park opens at 10:00am and we made sure to arrive right before opening to really maximize our time. We arrived 9:45am and took a few pics before going in

There's so many things to do and looking at the map might feel overwhelming. Ocean Park has two main attraction areas: the Waterfront and the Summit. Ocean Park's main entrance is at the Waterfront side of the park and most people visit the attractions in this area first. But we decided to ride the Cable Car first so we can head up to the Summit (where the fun rides are located) while it was less busy earlier in the day.

kids were scared at first but enjoyed it after a while ;p
we also rode the cable car back down again later in the afternoon


The Summit is also known as the "Amusement Park" section of Ocean Park since it contains all of the Roller Coasters and Rides. Many of the attractions have height, weight, and age restrictions so me and Skyler just waited while hubby, Miley and Sabe rode some of the rides. The more thrilling rides hubby rode on his own while I babysat the kids haha!

FLYING SWING - one of their faves!
SHARK MYSTIQUE - over a hundred sharks and rays!
SEA JELLY SPECTACULAR - over 1,000 jellies of all sizes
MARINE MAMMAL BREEDING AND RESEARCH CENTRE - animal care headquarters where we saw dolphins up close
VR COASTER - we wanted to try this Virtual Reality ride but the line was too long. Sayang!

We also had to ride the famous Escalator in Ocean Park (the second longest outdoor escalator in the world!) which is one of the things I can clearly remember from my last visit years ago. What a classic!


We rode the Cable Car back down to get to the Waterfront area, which is where the main entrance of Ocean Park is. One of my favorite parts was definitely OLD HONG KONG, with the recreated streets from the '50s -'70s. There were so many Instagrammable spots!

The kids also wanted to play some games but it was so hard haha! Fastest way to lose money that's for sure haha ;p

nap time for the pandas

Btw, you can bring your own food and eat in the many tables around the park. We made baon spam, hotdog, and rice for the kids. Para tipid din right?

Love this Snack N' Cooler which holds the fries on top of your drink! Genius! I think it was about HK$50.

Anyway, Ocean Park looks so different from what I recall! I only remember the cable car and the escalator, but everything else parang iba na! We didn't see any shows anymore since the kids wanted to explore the park and do more rides.

We left the park at 6PM and after 8 hours, we still hadn't covered everything since the park is that big! But it was still a very fun experience for the whole family, and hopefully we get to come back soon.

Happy Birthday Sabre!
Our only complete family picture that day. And Skyler is freaking out over the mascot haha! ;p

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