Friday, August 17, 2018

Divisoria shopping loot 2018

I probably go to Divisoria once a year and it's usually when we have balikbayan relatives who want to go shopping there. Anyway, my brother-in-law and his fiancée are getting married next year and they wanted to check out Divi for stuff they can use for their wedding. So of course, I had to tag along!

This was last Monday, August 13, and classes got suspended the night before because it was raining so hard the whole weekend. Luckily, the weather got better that morning and we were able to go as planned! And Sabre even got to come along too. I keep saying he's my mini-me when it comes to shopping since he loves going to the mall as well. And he's a shopaholic when it comes to toys! So he was so excited when I told him there was a whole floor full of toys in 168 Mall. He even woke up at 5am, he was that excited haha! ;p

I guess it was a blessing there were no classes since traffic wasn't so bad going there. We left the house 7am and we were able to get there at 8am. We parked at Lucky Chinatown Mall as usual. And there weren't that much people in 168 Mall as well.

even Yaya went with us para mag shopping lol!
he ended up buying this gun with sounds (about P300)

And I made sure to bring a stool so he could sit down while I was shopping. And it was a lifesaver haha! But I think this works lang sa new wing where it's more spacious. Sa lower floors kasi mas masikip un mga alleyways, so no more space to plop the stool down anymore.

Anyway, here's what I ended up getting. If you notice, I went crazy over all the unicorn stuff! If you're throwing a unicorn party, ang sarap bumili ng giveaways and decors here!

unicorn pens - P120 for 12 pieces
all the pens are sign pens, and they write really well (I was worried baka walang ink un iba e haha)
superhero pens - P120 for 12 pieces
most of the pens are for girls, so this was one of the gender neutral designs I could find
these mini notebooks are P40 per set of 4, and you can even separate them individually
these coin purses were P200 for a set of 12
lots of cute notebooks to choose from! this was P80 and even the pages had unicorns on them!
My daughter now uses my old iPhone5 and I found lots of cute cases for her! These were P200 each.
Superhero legos - P270 for a set of 8 (kulang na since my son already got 1 pack from each!)
utensils in a plastic case - P120 each
slim Starbucks water bottle - P150 each
P50 (bought one in SM for P100 before ugh!)
iPad case - P350
There were also a lot of squishies to choose from. I got this for P150 (made sure it was slow-rising for my daughter!)

I also bought other stuff like hangers and toys for the kids. For myself, I ended up just getting a pair of drawstring denim pants. Anyway as usual, bitin and I want to go back!

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