Thursday, July 5, 2018

New Online Shopping Buys (plus try-on)

It's really dangerous to browse Instagram sometimes since you get sucked into online shopping especially if you follow all these IG sellers! And it's also sale season now, so a lot of them are having huge discounts which makes it even harder to resist. But buying online can be tricky since you can't fit the clothes, so read on to see which items were a hit or a miss.

Here's a round-up of my latest online purchases, all of which I found thru Instagram.


This is a mom and baby store with super cute twinning outfits that are very affordable. Average price is less than P500 and that's a SET na! I got these matching dresses and was super happy with the quality, maganda un fabric. My daughter is 8 years old na, but the size 4-7 still fit her naman which is their biggest kid size already. But to be honest, she doesn't want na daw to wear matchy outfits lol! But ok lang, I'd still buy even just for me since the price is so cheap. Also, usually free size for moms but for these dresses I got size S-M and super sakto lang.


Jhajing Manila offers Bangkok and Korean items for retail and wholesale. I was hesitant at first to buy since I wasn't sure if the pictures posted would look the same in actual. But I chanced upon their 50% off sale, so I went ahead and ordered these items for such a steal!

This green dress actually looked liked the picture, but the fabric is a bit thin. But with the color and print, it's not noticeable naman. Really happy with this one.

For this dress, I actually wanted the purple color (lower left) but all that was left was black and navy. I got the black and was surprised how nice the fit was. The fabric was also thick and maganda un bagsak. A big thumbs up!

This skirt I wasn't so happy with. Fabric was super thin (can you see the silhouette of my legs?) and easily wrinkled (although let's see once properly ironed and with a slip underneath). Good na lang I bought it at sale price.


I was also hesitant to buy at first because most of the photos didn't show the actual item. But the prices were super affordable (less than P500) so I went ahead and bought. They have a price match guarantee as well, if you find a lower price online they'll match it.

Which is what happened after I bought this dress, I found it on another IG store for just P350. I messaged DFL and she said she'll give me P99 store credit na lang. Anyway, I really love the color and the fit of this dress! This is a sideboob dress so the back is really low too.

daring back!

This jumpsuit is a bit different from the picture. The print is the same, but you can tell the fabric on the model is more shiny/flowy. But pwede na din, I just have to pin the chest area since my bra keeps showing.

This dress was a fail for me. It looks the same as the model's but the fabric is super thin (again can you see the silhouette of my legs?). The straps were also falling off and not sewed on well.


This store has a lot of classic and corporate pieces. They recently had a sale and I was able to get this pink tiered skirt for 40% off (sale price was P468). Love the color and the fit!


I met Myka in a Mothers Who Brunch event and her online clothing store sells basic pieces like tops and dresses perfect for moms. I ordered one of her best-sellers, the Harlow top in white and light tan, and I love how versatile and classy it looks. I can see how so many customers get addicted to buying different styles in all colors. ;p


I'm addicted to skirts and Style Ana always has so many nice designs to choose from. The latest one I got was this striped number.

I also finally met the woman behind the brand, Sheryl, during a recent bazaar. I remember I was one of her first customers last year and it's so nice to see her business be successful and continue to grow.

Anyway, there you have it. Mostly I'm happy with what I bought, although shopping online can really be a risk. Hopefully you can ask for actual measurements or pictures but if not, at least most of the stuff I bought were cheap lang. So even if the quality ends up being not so nice, pwede na kahit if you just use it once lol! ;p

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