Monday, July 30, 2018

Alice in Wonderland costume for Book Week

For Book Week this year, my daughter decided to go as Alice In Wonderland. She was Little Red Riding Hood for Grade 1 and Hermoine Granger last year. I've been wanting to do Alice for the longest time so I'm so happy she finally chose this character.

She actually had this blue dress and I was joking that she could just wear this instead and go as Cinderella. But of course she didn't want since it's not a costume daw!

The blue dress was the perfect color and base for the outfit so all I had to worry about was the apron. I actually ended up sewing this and I couldn't believe how good it turned out. I didn't have any pattern or anything and I was just winging everything as I went along. But I did watch some tutorials on Youtube on how to make a DIY Alice costume which were very helpful.

I found a couple of black bow headbands in the mall - the left one was from Landmark and the right one was from SM.

Then I just bought white stockings also in the department store. These are actually adult size but it fit my daughter well. Then we just used her black school shoes.

And there you have it, a simple Alice in Wonderland costume!

I actually decided that I wanted to do a little photoshoot in the park just yesterday. My daughter wasn't in the mood (she didn't want daw other people to see her lol!) so this literally was a 5 minute shoot! Anyway, I'm super happy with how the pics turned out considering the behind the scenes drama and even though I wanted her to do more poses. ;p

one fine afternoon
"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!"
down the rabbit hole
oh no, I'm shrinking!
I'm lost!
to the tea party!
with the Chesire Cat

I really love this costume and how cute it looks! Now I wonder what character to do for next year? :)

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