Thursday, February 4, 2016

DIY Knight Costume

My kids had a Royal Court Parade activity in school and they had to come in medieval looking costumes like a king, queen, princess, knight or jester. Finding an outfit for my daughter was easy since we had so many Disney Princess gowns in her closet. In fact, her big dilemma was which dress to wear lol!

My problem was my son's costume since all he had were superhero outfits. And I didn't want to spend for something he was only going to probably use once. So I had to whip out my DIY skills to the rescue! This costume is so easy you can do it in 10 minutes and it cost practically nothing (if you have all the materials already like me).

The most important thing to have is a hoodie, preferably in gray, so it will look like the knight's armor. I also found silver leggings from my daughter's closet which was perfect for this look! But you can use black pants as well.

Then, just get any old white shirt that you can already dispose of...

Cut the sleeves off and also shorten the length depending on your child's height (mid-thigh or above the knee).

Just draw a cross on the center (you can search online for pegs)...

And use a red marker to color it in!

Wear the hoodie first then put the white shirt over it. Then just add a belt to cinch the waist (this is my belt btw which fit him perfectly). The only thing you need to buy is the sword and shield if you don't have these yet. Would you believe our yaya found these toys in a garage sale for just P10?! Winner!

And there you have it, the cheapest and easiest knight costume ever! Looks legit right? ;p You can leave it as is or add a cape like I did. I just used a cape from one of his superhero costumes and sewed it on the sleeves of the white shirt. Then we just used his regular black school shoes to complete the look.

Here is the knight in shining armor protecting his princess. After much deliberation, I convinced my daughter to wear her Merida costume since it was the most medieval looking (she was going back and forth between Anna and Snow White). This was actually her Halloween costume 2 years ago so it's a bit short now. I just added the extra green cloth in the bottom to make it longer. Don't they look adorable? This DIY project was definitely a success! :)

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  1. galing naman...ako wlang talent sa ganyan DIY..kya puro bili ng costume =)



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