Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Happy OWLentine's Birthday

It's getting harder and harder for us to pick a birthday theme for my daughter as she grows older. First it was Wonder Pets. Then she wanted a colorful art party. Then My Little Pony. Then Sleeping Beauty. Then she wanted mermaids! I was getting so confused until finally, we both decided on an owl theme (we have a love affair with owls ever since she was a baby). Then she said she wanted it to be an OWLentine party (she coined that term herself ha!) since her birthday was close to Valentine's Day.

Actually, this is very similar to her 3rd birthday party since the theme then was Hello Kitty Valentine. But I guess it's something I can't avoid since February is really associated with being the month of love.

Got this big foil balloon from National Bookstore for P99. And her owl shirt is from Gingersnaps.
I just printed the owl on cardboard and stuck it on a toothpick as a topper. I also added the bunting last minute (so it isn't on the other photos)
had fun making these owl loot bags which I'll be posting a tutorial on next
Wasn't planning on getting balloons, but Miley said she really wanted them. Good thing the shop we went to had these heart balloons which was perfect for the theme.

We brought everything to school where she celebrated her birthday with her classmates. I really enjoy these class parties in preschool. I'm a bit sad since she'll be going to big school this coming June already and won't have these type of celebrations anymore. My baby girl is growing up so fast!

For dinner, her special request was to eat at Shakey's since she loves their mojos. Here's one bucket just for her! ;p

And they also gave her a birthday sundae, but I think someone wants to eat it more... hahaha!

Anyway, happy 6th birthday to our princess! We love you so much! Next birthday is the big 7th. Should I be planning that one already? hehe! ;p


  1. So nice, Helene! You're really so amazing when it comes to DIY-ing. Happy birthday to your big girl!

  2. Hi Helene,

    One of your silent followers here! Can't help but comment haha Been planning an owl theme for my daughter's Christening this March. A straightforward celebration but of course, no crafty Mom wouldn't put her DIY skills into any party, right? So this post is on perfect timing indeed. You have given me so much inspiration since 2012, when I started planning my second child's Birthday/Christening.

    Thank you very much and God Bless you and your cute family! :)

    1. Thank you Maris! So happy to read comments like these :) Congrats on your baby and good luck with your owl party! :)

  3. Nice styling as always, Mommy Helene!

  4. Nice styling as always, Mommy Helene!

  5. so cute!! looking forward to the 7th birthday! Happy birthday to your daughter! :)

  6. This is so lovely Birthday party theme. All these tine creations for the decoration are heart throbbing. Those cute tote bags took my heart. I would love to host such a cute party for my daughter. Can anyone please suggest some good party venues?



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