Friday, October 18, 2013

Shopping at Uniwide

One of my happy shopping places is the Uniwide Sales Warehouse Club, which I discovered about 2 years ago. So I was so surprised when I read on Mommy Maqui's blog a few months ago that they were closing! NOOOOO!

I used to go to the Coastal Mall branch back when we were still living with my mom but now, the Sucat branch is much closer to where we stay. I've since passed it a couple of times since I read the news and thankfully it still looked open. So finally, I found time to check it out a few days ago. :)

This was my first time to visit the Sucat branch and it is definitely much smaller than the Coastal Mall one. Although everything looks and feels the same (still dusty and hot!), you will definitely find more choices in Coastal Mall. But still, that didn't stop me from going gaga over all the cheap and fab finds! Just seeing all those red and yellow signs screaming SALE made my heart pound 100x faster haha! ;p

With Christmas just around the corner, you'll find lots of decors, trinkets and ornaments up for grabs.

My 2 year-old son Sabe is obssessed with superheroes and they have all these action figures on sale. Of course, don't expect the same quality as something from Toy Kingdom (for example, Superman's face looked weird and Ironman was color green haha!). Although there were also some that looked great (like the Batman and Spiderman toys) which I bought for Christmas gifts.

There's also lots of toys for little girls...

I LOVE these owl ceramics! I've actually seen some of them being sold in the mall for more than double the price.

Cute ceramic piggybanks that you can also use for display...

Ceramic balls...

Assorted ceramic and melamine products which you can buy per kilo.

Assorted wine glasses...

More ceramic products...

containers for herbs and spices
cups and mugs
salt & pepper shakers
oriental style vases and jars

I like buying these plastic plates in assorted designs for the kids, but they had very limited choices on hand. In the Coastal Mall branch, they had hundreds to choose from.

 More decorative items for the home in metal finish...

Faux flowers as well...

And to complete your Christmas shopping, you can also buy these assorted paper bags for gift wrapping at just P150 per kilo!

Well, I don't know if Uniwide will still be closing anytime soon but I just hope that this shopping haven is here to stay forever!

Just a few reminders:
- Wear something cool and comfortable since there's no aircon. I was sweating so much within 5 minutes of entering the place! You can also bring a fan or a small towel to wipe your face or back.
- Bring baby wipes / tissue / alcohol to wipe your hands since everything's so dusty (I was sneezing so much too!) My fingers were so black after holding the merchandise.
- Check all the items you buy carefully since there might be defects or cracks, especially the ceramic items.
- You can use your credit card to pay so no worries if you didn't bring enough cash (although with everything so cheap, you can buy so much with just P500!)

Can't wait to share what I bought next! Stay tuned. ;p


  1. Hi would you know if uniwide is still open? I need to go there!! ;(

  2. The one in Novaliches (Quirino Avenue) and the one in Coastal Mall already closed sad to say. But the one in Caloocan and the one in Sucat are still open. I think the one in Bulacan is also still open. I dunno which is a bigger warehouse, the one in Sucat or the one in Caloocan. Anyone know?

  3. do they sell baby stuffs?? thanks!!

    1. Hi, I haven't been to Uniwide for quite some time now. But I think they do sell baby stuff :)



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