Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Uniwide shopping loot

Here's what I got during my latest trip to Uniwide:

I am slightly obsessed with owls so I just had to add these to my collection.
P49 each

More ceramic trinkets which I couldn't resist. You can put a candle inside the blue owl so it lights up from the inside. The horse I just found really cute. And remember this post about how I wanted to update my yellow ceramic stool which I also got from Uniwide? This miniature stool with its Chinoiserie-style pattern looks just like the DIY version!
blue owl - P39, horse - P12, mini stool - P49

I was so happy when I saw these brass letters since I had bought the exact same ones before but Sabe broke it! And as luck would have it, they only had 5 letters available which included V and H (hubby & my initials)
P29 per letter

I also couldn't resist getting this Stormtrooper piggybank purely for the design. I just thought it looked super quirky and cute.

More assorted ceramic balls.
price ranges from P19 upwards depending on size

I also love buying plates for the kids in Uniwide. These melamine ones come in different designs. Some are sold per piece while others you can get per kilo. You really have to sort through the stacks and check for imperfections and damages. Also, some designs are limited to just 1 piece.
P15 each

I had to get these action figures for my son since he's currently obsessed with superheroes. He's only 2 years old so he's not one to complain even if the only Ironman they had was color green haha! And besides, I don't have to feel bad if he breaks or loses them since they're so cheap anyways. We can invest on the expensive toys later on when he gets older. :)
Ironman - P99, Batman - P59, Superman - P59
Batman Shoot Playset - P159, Batman mask & toy - P99

This make-up set is for my kikay Miley :)

And lastly, these foam toy swords will be making an appearance for Halloween very soon... ;p
about P20 for both

All in all, my total bill was just over P1000! Next time, I'll also share my favorite buys from the Uniwide Coastal Mall branch, since like I said, it's bigger and has more items than the Sucat branch. :)


  1. Oh my! Those are cute finds. Sayang walang Uniwide dito sa Davao City

  2. Wah I want the plates! Also, we share the same love for owls and ceramics. I am a hoarder at flea markets. These are really awesome finds! ;)



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