Saturday, October 5, 2013

Photo of the Day: Pinkaholic

Can you guess what my daughter Miley's favorite color is? You're right! It's PINK! haha ;p

shopping loot from Metro Gaisano Alabang

She refuses to wear any other color, even at home. We have such a hard time making her wear her school uniform because she keeps insisting on wearing skirts and dresses. Not to mention a tiara and her accessories. She is such a kikay girly-girl! ;p Her favorite outfit is the Barbie dress you see in the picture. We bought her one and it's the only thing she wants to wear everyday, so we went back to the mall and bought her 2 more! There weren't any more sizes available, but if there were, we would have probably bought more. ;p

Well, I like pink too but I hope she outgrows this phase soon. She has so many other nice clothes which are sitting unused in her closet and sayang naman if it becomes too small na for her! ;p

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