Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tagaytay Highlands

We took a day trip to Tagaytay Highlands last week since hubby's younger brother from the States is in town. Unfortunately, Sabe was sick so we only brought Miley with us. It was a good thing the weather was quite cooperative that day. It was cloudy so it wasn't that hot, with just a few minutes of rain here and there, so we were able to fully enjoy the whole place. Here are some photos from the fun (and super tiring) day we had.

mandatory shot in front of the Tagaytay Highlands signage
so excited she kept running and running around...
group shot
matching plaid shirts with Daddy
checking out the fishies
lovely view

We rode the Funicular, which was like riding a super slow rollercoaster downhill. We all loved looking at the view outside and Miley had so much fun she wanted to ride it again after! :)

the Funicular
view from the inside the ride

Then, we rode the cable car back up to the country club. Again, Miley was so excited that she went inside the car first. She also had so much fun during the ride. I think we have a little thrill-seeker with us! Can't wait to take her on a real rollercoaster when she gets older. ;p

I haven't been to Highlands for quite a long time so I've forgotten how much stuff you can do around there. We had a fun day and I hope to go back here during the Christmas season when it's really cold. And of course, to bring Sabe with us so he can ride the funicular and cable car too. :)


Anyway, we are off to Cebu tomorrow for the wedding of hubby's brother this weekend! Soooo excited! :)


  1. Hi! Is there a day trip or you need to be a member or know a member?



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