Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fab Finds: Party supplies at Landmark grocery

I love checking the grocery for stuff I can use for my kids' DIY parties. Lately, I've noticed that they've started selling more interesting things which before you could only get online. I was in Landmark the other day and saw these items which you can use to jazz up your celebrations.

First up are these paper straws. I've been seeing these sold at online party supply stores for the longest time so I'm so glad I can now get them at the supermarket. They're definitely cheaper here in the grocery but only limited to this design and colors.

P57.50 per pack (50 pcs)
P42.00 per pack of assorted colors (50 pcs)

Also available are these wooden utensils which I find so much better looking than their plastic counterparts. Plus, you can decorate the handles with washi tape depending on the theme of your party. I don't know why they have different prices though, and why the spoon is the most expensive. hmmm... ;p

Wooden Spoon (25 pcs) = P103.50
Wooden Fork (25 pcs) = P69
Wooden Sfork (25 pcs) = P86.25

And now the reason I was in Landmark in the first place was to buy some paper doillies. I'm planning to do a DIY project which involves these babies so stay tuned. :)

They have different sizes and designs in stock. I had such a hard time deciding what to get, I wanted to buy them all! And you could actually, since they're very affordable. The smallest size is 6" and cost P14.40 for a pack of 12 pcs. The biggest size is 16" and costs P39.60 per pack of 12 pcs.

So hooray for my successful trip to the grocery. I really hope they start selling paper plates and cups with different designs (like chevron, stripes, polkadots, etc.) soon though. :)

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