Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New obsession: Envirosax reusable bags

I honestly have a love-hate relationship with the NO PLASTIC rule in Muntinlupa (and recently now in Makati as well). I applaud the effort to save the environment but I'd hate carrying brown paper bags without handles that would rip apart if they held too much weight. I had some canvas bags at home but I'd always forget to bring them, probably because they were also a bit large to fit inside my own bag.

I'd always wanted to get one of these Envirosax bags from the Reuse store in Alabang Town Center but I honestly found them a bit expensive at first (at just P375 each haha). Plus, I could never decide which design to get since there were so many nice ones.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I saw that some of the old designs were on sale at 30%  - it was now P262.50 each. And since I can't resist a good bargain, I bought a couple of bags which I'm also planning to give away as gifts. :)

Here are some of the qualities of the Envirosax bag. It says it can carry up to 44 lbs - which means I can even fit Miley inside haha (she's currently 41 lbs) ;p

This is the one I got for myself and I just love how stylish, lightweight, and roomy it is! It really fits a LOT of stuff. It's also so easy to fold and the folded bag is the perfect size to fit inside your bag (not like the other foldable bags I got before from Divisoria which are bulkier and thicker).

Here are the other designs I got. But I honestly love the bags so much now that I just want to keep all of these for myself haha! And I want to go back and even get some of the new designs even if they're not on sale. Can you say addict? ;p

Reuse is located at the ground floor of the new wing of Alabang Town Center.

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