Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My future artist

I bought Miley her very first set of finger paints since I really want to encourage her creativity. I'd always loved drawing and painting ever since I was a kid and I hope that by starting her young, she would grow up to love it too. :)

She was so excited when I opened the colors up and showed her that she should use her hands to draw whatever she liked. She was a bit hesitant at first, just using the tips of her fingers all the while with a look on her face that was like "are you SURE you're letting me do this mommy?" haha!

After she was convinced that I was okay with whatever mess she would make, that's when she started to REALLY get into it...

After a while, she was so amazed with the paint on her hands that she started to paint HERSELF with it! I let her have her fun for about 5 more minutes, then we went straight to the shower (even I was covered in paint haha!). Just remember to always make sure you get non-toxic, washable paint so that it's safe for the kids and easy to wash off. :)

After a few weeks, I bought her new paints, a canvas, and some brushes (although she did end up still using her hands). I loved how she would keep mixing the colors while saying stuff like "red plus blue is purple!" (yes, even I'm amazed at the things she knows). She did so much better this time and we were so impressed with the finished product!

Isn't it gorgeous? It totally looks like a legit abstract painting to me and I can't wait to hang it up! Who knows, it might actually be worth something someday right? ;p


  1. Very nice! Artistic like you . :) anong brand ang paints, ms. Helene?

  2. She blends colors very well and I love the texture she made in her artwork. Good job Miley!



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