Sunday, May 5, 2013

Acuaverde Beach Resort in Laiya

We stayed in Acuaverde Beach Resort during our 2 night stay in San Juan, Batangas. It's just beside the more famous Acuatico Resort, which I believe are owned and operated by the same company. It's a huge property with a sprawling beachfront, with a total of 26 guestrooms.

reception area
a small playground and guestrooms at the back of the resort
lounge areas
Bar and recreation area where you can play pingpong / foosball / darts. There's also ice cream for sale.
the wide beachfront with beautiful cabanas and lounges
more rooms (these had a beach view) which all have a private veranda
Our room was on the 2nd floor. It was a bit tiring climbing up the steps but at least we had a nice view of the beach :)
Rooms have LCD TV with cable. They had wi-fi but the signal was weak in our room.
Bathroom was nice and modern although it did have a sort of funky smell at first (actually I'm really OC about bathrooms and I think I was the only one bothered by it). But it was definitely the nicest among all the resorts I've stayed so far in Laiya.
bathroom was a bit narrow and it was an open shower, so the whole floor could get pretty wet
our veranda
lovely view from our balcony

Buffet meals were included in the package and they had two areas where they served the meals, depending on how many guests are there. Since it was pretty full on our first two days, the set-up was on the 2nd floor of this structure pictured below. It was lovely to eat here since you had a nice view of the beach and it was cool and breezy. Food was okay, nothing to rave about. My only complain was that they never served bacon during breakfast! Booo! ;p

egg and waffle station
sample menu

During our last day, most of the guests had already gone home so breakfast and lunch were served in their restaurant.

buffet set-up was on the 2nd floor
they had a big cage in the middle with small birds inside
it was open in the middle so you can walk through to get to the other side of the restaurant

Anyway, we had a great time in this resort. Service was good and staff were accommodating. The only thing missing would probably be a swimming pool. But I would definitely recommend this place to anyone searching for a quick and relaxing getaway with family and friends.

Acuaverde Beach Resort,

Barangay Laiya,
San Juan, Batangas

Manila Reservation Office:
Unit 361 3/F Mile Long Building,
VA Rufino corner Amorsolo St.,
Makati City, 1223

Office Hours: Mondays-Thursdays (8am-7pm)
Fridays (8am-6pm)
Saturdays (8am-12noon)

Reservation Number: +632-3817757
+63917-5457134 (Laiya Number) 


  1. Hi! May I ask for the famous landmarks going to Acuaverde Beach Resort? We are coming from Manila. We are planning to set an amazing race since this is for our company outing. I am searching for the famous landmarks so that we can include those in the instruction of the game. Hope you can help me :) TIA!

    1. Sorry I don't think I could be of much help here since I was just a passenger going there and was asleep most of the time hehe ;p Maybe you could try calling or emailing them directly to ask... :)

  2. Hello! We're planning to go there :) May I ask which room exactly did you stay in? Coz from the view, I think this is one of the nicest rooms there is in the resort. Appreciate it, thanks!

  3. May i know how much is the budget for 2 days stay?thanks :)

    1. Budget depends on the number of people and the room you will book. Best to check their website for rates :)

  4. Hi! Which resort u think is better? cost and facility-wise? La Luz or this? thank you.

    1. I think LaLuz is cheaper but I like the facilities (rooms, dining area, etc.) better in Acuaverde :)



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